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GTD Simple v1.4.5 (Paid) APK is Here ! [Latest]

Many people interested in productivity knows GTD methodology (Getting Things Done) by David Allen. It allows effectively manage everyday mess of current things to do, commitments and plans. It also helps to choose what to do now.

GTD Simple is as close to GTD methodology as possible. Each new case goes to INBOX, which is always easy accessible. GTD Simple is designed to easy analyse each case from INBOX, assign correct context, project or tag. You can mark if the case is important or not, urgent or not. You can also set the due date.

Analysed cases goes automatically to proper folder: “Next actions”, “Waiting for…”, “Scheduled tasks”, “Someday/Maybe”, “Reference”.

There are also few special folders: “Completed” and “Today”. “Today” is worth to look at it closer. It contains three types of cases:
– tasks with due date set for today, or delayed,
– tasks marked by you with a star,
– urgent tasks.
Thanks to that “Today” is a good place to review list of tasks for today. It’s important not to load to many tasks to this folder, because it may loose its usability.

Since typical men or woman has at least one hundred cases in his/her mind (for sure there is more than 100) there is a filter available to easily find case for current context, project or tag. You can also filter urgent and/or important tasks.

Data is stored on Google servers (Firebase database) so logged in users could access their data using any device with GTD Simple installed.

Improved editors layout.


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