Futagenesis Unveiled [v0.06.2]

The story follows Jenny, a futanari, as she grapples with the mystery and consequences of her lifelong secret. Why was she born this way? And what would happen if anyone found out?
This is a Ren’Py visual novel with an emphasis on an immersive and coherent story, with hand-crafted puzzles that unlock bonus scenes.

Thread Updated: 2023-09-06
Release Date: 2023-09-06
Developer: TessaXYZ – Patreon
Version: v0.06.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English


  • Added Chapter 2
  • Added 30,000 words
  • Added over 970 images and several animations
  • Added 27 songs and over 200 sound effects
  • Added 5 puzzles
  • Actions or choices which affect the story will be subsequently noted with yellow text; e.g. “Jenny will remember that.”
  • Non-highlighted puzzle cells lightened to improve visibility
  • New journal entries will be marked with a “✽” until viewed
  • Fixed an issue in which 3D images could not be properly viewed by the cross-eyed method; VR headset viewing to be reinstated in a later update
  • Fixed an issue in which the scroll wheel could occasionally reset puzzle progress
  • About 50 images from the Prologue and Chapter 1 were rerendered to correct graphical issues
  • Added Chapter Select
  • Bug fixes and text improvements

Download for ANDROID

Download for WINDOWS

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