Fortnite Battle Royale v15.30.0 (Free – Google Play)


Fortnite Battle Royale v15.30.0 (Free – Google Play)

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Fortnite – Battle Royale – multiplayer online action game known as “Battle Royale” during its existence has produced a huge number of clones and analogues, one of the most controversial copies of the game was called Fortnite – Battle Royale. In general, this project is also an online action game, but the developers have integrated elements of the role-playing game, namely, the ability to not only collect different items, but also to build various buildings, fortifications, workshops, as well as kraft and create their own elements. Otherwise Fortnite – Battle Royale is not inferior to the more famous brother, excellent graphics, dynamic gameplay, huge choice of weapons and crazy shooters.


SEASON 7 Is HERE – Season 7 has arrived with the smash of a mysterious iceberg! Use new Ziplines to travel across the map or take to the skies in a Stormwing plane. There are tons of new areas to venture to and secrets to uncover, so stay frosty.
INTRODUCING WRAPS – Get a brand new item type in the Battle Pass: Wraps! These allow you to customize your weapons and vehicles with all new looks to match and complement your favorite outfits.
Fortnite Creative is here! Play and build with up to 7 other friends on your own private island.
*Personal island requires Battle Pass until 12/13/2018

Fortnite MOD APK Info:

Unlocked All Devices: Unlock so that all devices can play Fortnite. Just need you meet the minimum configuration!

Fix GPU error: Play the game even if GPU is not supported. Of course, the game will not be as stable as the official supported device!

Install Steps:
Step 1: You just need to download and install like any regular APK file.
Step 2: After opening, the game will ask you to login.
Step 3: After logging in successfully, you can download the entire game to your phone. When the process is complete, you can join!


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Fortnite v15.30.0 apk

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