Digital Video Business Card Maker v20.0 [Unlocked]

Digital Video Business Card Maker v20.0 [Unlocked]
Requirements: 4.2 and up
Overview: We’ve got a vast selection of digital business cards templates to choose from, or you can upload your own business video footage or pictures. Customize colors or music from our library or upload your own, and your HD video, suitable for mobile platforms, will be ready in minutes. It’s super easy.

What sort of video should you make?
Decide what you’d like people to see. Are you building brand awareness for your business, are you offering an immediately actionable deal or offer, or are you explaining what your business does?
Different approaches or types of business video are explainers, promo, advertisement, intro, greeting, thank-you, infographic or presentation. New businesses might start with an intro or explainer and put it on their website, while more established businesses might simply be brand-building on social media platforms.

What should you put in your video? Once you’re past the hurdle of getting people to actually hit the ‘Play’ button, think about what people will get from watching your video. If your audience doesn’t immediately identify a good reason to be watching, they’ll most likely switch off in the first 10 seconds, so make it funny, make it relevant or make it interesting.

How long should it be? No longer than one minute and no shorter than fifteen seconds is a good general rule, but for different types of video, you may need to break this rule. Think of it like an elevator pitch: if you can’t sum it up in fifteen seconds or less, your message is probably too complicated and you should try to break it down.

Where to promote your digital business cards?
Once you’ve answered the question of where your customers are spending their time on the web, you then need to find out how to put your video there.
– Email
– Facebook
– Youtube
– Twitter
– Instagram
– LinkedIn
– Twitter
– Pinterest

Footage Templates
If you have a particular skill or craft, show off your talent! With Digital Business Card Maker, you can upload your own footage, so catering companies, interior designers, crafters, and even mechanics can use these templates to show their skills in action.

For architects, photographers, and graphic designers, a video template that relies on lots of strong imagery can tell a better story than a traditional business card ever could. It’s like putting your portfolio straight into the hands of every potential client you meet.

You can create many digital business cards for work, hobby or fun. Include Name, Title, Phone Numbers, Address, Social Icons. Let your video business card make an impact on the custom video.

Digital business card maker is a powerful marketing tool. Digital business card maker is a fantastic way to convey your company’s message and build your brand. Digital business card maker is a brand strategy which creates a unique identity that separates you from the competition. Here’s how to create a brand.

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