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Defenestration [v0.5b]

“Defenestration is set in a futuristic soviet union, the player takes up a role of Kira, young promising girl fresh out of school. Help her get on her feet in unfamiliar megapolis, dealing with various day-to-day problems and different characters. Some will try to help you, some to corrupt you (mainly the second one).” “The game is planned to be choice based and semi-open worlded. Which means no combat system. Current version has at least five hour of gameplay.”​

Thread Updated: 2023-11-19
Release Date: 2023-11-19
Developer/Publisher: Fresh Mulan – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.5b
OS: Android
Language: English

v.0.5b – 2023-11-20
-282 new pictures;
-16 pages of script;
– Layered the branching H-event from a previous update;
– Added text references to Kira’s appearance in a Modest Proposal quest (cum, pregnancy, some fetishes, whether or not her breasts are out and body writings);
– Added new and updated NPC artworks:
Prison “Pole Girl”;
Random male rebel;
– Misc things:
Upgraded the ”Pole Girl” case file from the “New You” quest;
Added visuals for a Guard note during “A Modest Proposal”;
Added alternative character art for Razin (if you chose to fight him after the prison);
Animated expression changes during “harassment” events;
Fixed a bug with a “night” not triggering properly while in prison;
Added more text that explains when and where to go during the prison quest;
Deleted “hints” from prison (they are no longer needed);
Made Liuda and Nayda slightly smaller (As requested);
Retroactively changed the Pole Girl’s real name from Taylor to Polina;
I asked Moana to rename Charisma to Kirisma, but she just gave me a really disappointed look. Still, I’m gonna be optimistic and say that there’s a 50% chance that this change was implemented!
Note: (In case you didn’t see the previous changelog)
To access the Modest Proposal – Just follow the main quest, if you completed everything prior to v0.5, just talk to the Rebel Leaders (Sewer, Boat, A building next to the one where stooges live)
The H-event is a branching one – it has two versions. If you want to see both versions of the new event without replaying the entire game – Once you have “A Modest Proposal” Quest, Save before talking to “Gulag” (the prison warden). View the first version, load, go to the subway and use our usual “cheat terminal” (mailbox) then click on the “Spoiler” option. Return to Gulag and that’s it.

Download for ANDROID

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