Cromite v121.0.6167.143-f617340fcf4476cf62b767919b16b609ba355fa4

Cromite v121.0.6167.143-f617340fcf4476cf62b767919b16b609ba355fa4
Requirements: Android 8.0+
Overview: Cromite: a Bromite fork with ad blocking and privacy enhancements; take back your browser!


Cromite is a Chromium fork based on Bromite with built-in support for ad blocking and an eye for privacy.

Cromite is available for Android armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86_64, Windows and Linux.

For the Frequently Asked Questions see F.A.Q.

For documentation see the wiki.

Cromite’s goal is to

– limit the features built into the browser that can be used as a platform for tracking users’ habits, and, if it is not technically possible, disable them and leave it up to the user to choose whether to re-enable them
– limit the close integration between the browser and its manufacturer
– not let the excellent research work done by csagan5 with Bromite be lost
In addition, Cromite would like to promote greater integration with other non-profit, open source browsers, encouraging closer collaboration with others, and attempt to integrate them directly into Chromium once they have reached an appropriate level of maturity.

It does not support extensions but supports Userscripts.

Full list of features –

What’s New:
Is it legal to activate the proprietary_codecs flag? #710 rollback drop support for proprietary_codecs

This app has no advertisements

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Mirror: … Public.apk


Mirror: … Public.apk


Mirror: … Public.apk

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