Come Home [Ch. 4] (18+)

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When your father goes missing, you return home to help find him, while also negotiating relationships with the many other people in your life.

Thread Updated: 2020-10-06
Release Date: 2020-10-02
Developer: R.J. Rhodes
Censored: No
Version: 2.04.5
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English

– Lisa
– Suzy
– Jamie Window
– Mari
– Izzy
– Dana
– Kendra
– English Class
– Juliana
– Tammy
– Adrian
– Dana
– Jamie TV
– Gertrude
– Detective Rodriguez
– Main story – Unlocking Dad’s Laptop
– Remodeled Juliana completely
– Added the option to study with Juliana in the school cafe in the morning. This unlocks after the new Juliana scene.
– Added the option to train MMA with Tammy at the Gym on weekends in the morning or afternoon. This unlocks after the new Tammy scene.
– Added a new character, Brandi, who has a scene at Jackson Burger
– Added a new character, Bai, who has a scene at Cafe Skyhill
– Added the option to talk to the school counselor in the mornings before school. This unlocks after Mrs. McGee gives you a note in class on the second week.
– Added the dating mechanics. Currently only one date is available – Mari in the Park. More will be added with every future chapter.
– Removed minigames. Now tests will be based solely off how much you studied.
– Completely changed the navigation menus to allow quicker navigation.
– Added icons to the Navigation menu to make it obvious where characters are and when events are available.
– Added the option to do something at the beginning of work. Right now you can Chat with Dana or Mrs. Mills, or Study.
– Added a help menu that you can access from the Affection menu, which will tell you how to advance each characters story.