Clap To Find My Phone v16.9 [Premium]

Clap To Find My Phone v16.9 [Premium]
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Clap your hands and always find your lost device in this clap to find app.

Clap to find my phone is an easy-to-use app that has a simple interface that is perfect for finding your phone, even if it’s misplaced & silent. Clap to find my phone is perfect for parents with children who are always losing their phones. People often misplace their phones, so this clap to find my phone app is a lifesaver!

With a clap to find app you will have no more phone nightmares & is a great way to find a phone if it’s lost or if you can’t find it anywhere. This would be an amazing phone feature! If your phone could start ringing & blinking the flashlight just by clapping, it would be super convenient. Clap To Find My Phone is easy to use, convenient, has a unique function & is safe & secure.

#Features To Find Your Lost Phone:
If You are in a meeting & worrying that some nasty colleagues will try to touch your phone? You are on a train where there are thieves out there who can easily steal your phone if it’s not protected. If you have a goldfish memory & are always fumbling around in the dark trying to find your phone then this app has features for you.

clap to find
Just clap, your phone will start ringing & the flashlight will blink.
You can set a frequency that is based on the phone’s mic frequency.

Whistle to find
Just like your adorable pet, you can find your phone by whistle.
It smartly enables the alerts feature when the phone is locked & far away from reach.

Don’t touch my phone
Is your phone locked? You won’t have to worry about someone touching it without your permission.
An alarm will start when someone touches the phone.

Pocket mode
The alarm will start when someone pulls out your phone from your pocket.
So don’t miss out on this lifesaving pocket mode alert.
If the light sensor does not exist in the phone, then the app does not display pocket mode.

Features for Charger Disconnect & Battery Alert:
Travelling Freaks always face problems charging their phones at a public USB port because it is usually disconnected & sometimes Leaving the phone charging the whole night will cause battery damage. The charger disconnect alert & battery alert can save you in this situation. Your phone starts to ring constantly. With Child Mode, parents can help their children stay on track.

Charger Disconnect
Alert tone when charger disconnected 
Select Tone to set your desired tone.
You can adjust the sound frequency.

Battery alert
Set & Announce battery level percentage.
Set Alarm on the desired Battery level.
Change alert battery level from 1 to 100%

Child mode
It can be difficult to get children to focus on their studies, especially with phones.
It allows parents to set a break time for their children’s phones.
After which, their phones will be locked automatically.

Features for Talker & DND Alert:
Don’t you hate it? When your phone is kept buzzing & you are not able to see the name on the screen. The phone will announce the name of the caller & announce the name of the sender along with the content of the SMS.

Call & SMS talker
Set frequency of repetition of the name.
Change flash settings with multiple options.
If you turn on your phone to find that you have a flood of notifications,
The app announces the sender & content of the SMS.

Irritated by anonymous calls? We offered you two options: either start flash DND or block the call. Set the speaker volume, the pitch of the speech sound, & the speech speed to the desired level. You can even use the app in ten different languages.

Flash DND & Call block 
Start DND mode at the desired time & desired date.
enables the user to turn off the ringer for an incoming call.
Block the incoming calls.

Clap To Find My Phone is an innovative app that offers features like a flashlight on call, caller name talker, SMS speaker, clap or whistle to find the mobile. Set a fingerprint security pin to stop the ringing alarm.

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