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Cargo Surveyor

Cargo Surveyor

The most complete toolset for cargo and bunker surveyors, as well as other professionals in the oil industry!
IMPORTANT NOTE: for users who have problems with the keyboard (dot or comma not showing): some of the newer Android devices seem to have a bug in the soft keyboard, that results in the absence of dot / comma on the number keypad. The solution is to install an alternative keyboard (such as the Google keyboard).

The most complete toolset for cargo and bunker surveyors, as well as other professionals in the oil industry!

The app replaces laptop, hard copy ASTM tables and printed company forms used by cargo surveyors on board oil tankers.

Do your complete cargo surveys with this app and produce:
– Ullage reports
– Transfer (executive) summaries, both for ship and for client
– Bunker survey reports
– Notices of apparent discrepancy
– Statements of facts
– VEF reports
– Slop reports
– Sampling reports
– Pre-loading reports
– Master’s receipt of samples reports
– Reference heights and raw measurements reports
– OBQ and ROB reports
– Time sheets

Tools include:
– Bottom Lines Calculator
– Wedge Calculator
– Pre Cargo Matrix for getting advice on required tank cleaning prior to loading next cargo

Reports can be emailed directly from the app as a pdf or jpg attachment and can be transferred to a desktop computer for printing.

All reports can be written using either SI Metric or Imperial standards, using mixed units in the respective editors as required by the user. The user can e.g. enter temperatures in deg C while producing an ullage report, but have the report printed using deg F by setting the environment to Imperial standard etc.

Weights and volumes can be calculated using both SI metric and Imperial standards, and both the ASTM 1980 and 2004 version tables are included for the user to choose from.

The app can calculate for crude oil, products, lubrication oils, chemicals (such as vegetable oil) and special applications such as denatured ethanol.

To assist with OBQ/ROB quantity calculation, a configurable wedge calculator is included which accepts input in both SI Metric and Imperial units. The user can choose whether to use table volume data or tank dimensions for the wedge calculation.

In the general settings screen the user can choose whether calculations are done using Si Metric or Imperial units, and whether ASTM tables version 1980 or 2004 is used.

All calculations are done conform the latest API MPMS recommendations.

In the report settings screen the user can import his company logo by tranfering his logo picture to the phone. At any one time two logos can be saved, one as the default and one as the active logo.

Also in the report settings screen 4 default email addresses can be entered using the address book.

The notices of discrepancy and statement of facts section contains a number of templates as well as a fully customisable version of each.

Ullage reports are fully configurable regarding number of tanks (maximum is 53 tanks), with as many grades as required, and ullages/temperatures/volumes/densities can be entered as either SI Metric or Imperial units.

Inline conversion for all of these can be done within the app by pressing the appropriate unit button.

There is no limit to the number of reports that can be saved. Existing reports can be copied and used as a template for the next project.

The user can name all reports in any way desired, bearing in mind that spaces are automatically replaced with underscores, and names should only start with a letter, not a number or other character.

What’s New

Fixed a bug in shipshore difference editor where KLitrs hint was always showing as KLitrs 60 F instead of KLitrs 15 C if Metric is selected.


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