Blind Drive v1.0.0 [Paid]

Blind Drive v1.0.0 [Paid]
Requirements: 7.0+
Overview: This game is like nothing you’ve played before.

This game is like nothing you’ve played before.

Did you ever drive blindfolded? Now’s your chance!

Blind Drive is a unique one-of a kind experience: an audio-based, black comedy arcade action game.

The entire game is experienced through your ears. You’re blindfolded and going against traffic. Cars rushing past, angry drivers yelling at you. Cops on your tail. And you can’t see a thing. Listen carefully now – do your ears have what it takes?

Play as Donnie, trying to make a quick buck in a scientific study but quickly finding himself in over his head, cuffed to the wheel and driving blindfolded. Plus he’s late for dinner with Grandma.

** Headphones required **

– Hyper-immersive 1st-person audio – so good you can play with your eyes closed
– Fast-paced, 2-button arcade gameplay
– 27 levels of mayhem including boss fights, secret areas and a very rude G.P.S.
– Hilarious crime-comedy story with mobsters, dolphins and your angry Grandmother, performed by a full cast of voice actors
– Minimalistic, jazzy visuals
– Ultra-fine haptics (vibrate) for supported devices
– Gamepad support
– Full TalkBack accessibility support. Tap 3 times with 3 fingers to enable

– “Basically Virtual Reality for your ears” – Mashable
– “Proper clever” – PC Gamer
– “What you hear is the difference between Life and Death” – Wired Magazine
– “Both terrifying and absolutely hilarious” – GameSpew
– “A weird step forward in the world of game design” – The Gamer
– “Not only incredibly tense, but also genuinely laugh out loud funny”- Alpha Beta Gamer

What’s New:
Removed requirement for device low latency audio to avoid incorrect device incompatibilities. Please make sure you have decent audio sync before buying!

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