BatteryInfo Saver Pro -Fast Charging & Booster v1.0 APK [Latest]


BatteryInfo Saver Pro -Fast Charging & Booster

BatteryInfo Pro is the one of the best battery indicator app for Android. BatteryInfo display exact battery level in status bar and app widget on desktop. it provide health, temperature, voltage and reaming time to full charge. It have feature to list our data or time since plaugged or unplugged in the notification area. There is battery level, Log for plugged and status and set alert for indication of fully charged, below 20% , above 90% and many more.

BatteryInfo Pro Feature:

✔ Fast and Lightweight
✔ Show recent useage
✔ Display time remaining
✔ Facility to customize icon in status bar
✔ Option to show percentage in status bar
✔ App widget for battery level indication
✔ 1×1 Circle Battery indication widget
✔ Indicate exact batter level
✔ Clean user interface
✔ Facility to turn off notification in tray
✔ Alert with different option like full charge
✔ Customize user interface with your finger touch

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BatteryInfo Saver Pro -Fast Charging & Booster v1.0 APK / Mirror