alpha vnc lite v1.2.0 [Unlocked] APK [Latest]

alpha vnc lite

alpha vnc lite v1.2.0 [Unlocked] APK [Latest]

Alpha vnc lite works WITHOUT ROOT permissions and provides REVERSE CONNECTION and FULL SOFT KEYBOARD ACCESS!

This app uses Accessibility services.

In order to provide remote assistance and accessibility the app is using the Android Accessibility services.

A pointer device (such as a computer mouse) can be used to point and click. Please note that not all items are clickable. There are known issues with certain web-browsers and a few other apps. The mouse wheel can be used to scroll up and down. A standard 104 key US keyboare layout is used as keyboard input.

The navigation buttons cannot be clicked directly. For back navigation you can use ‘ESC’, the home button is triggered with the ‘home / pos1’ key. To toggle recent apps use the ‘page up’ key. The notification bar can be pulled down with the ‘page down’ key.

For more information please refer to the manual:

In the free version the session will be disconnected after 15 minutes. Full version can be purchased.

For questions or recomendations please use the contact link in the play store!

What’s New
Added reverse connection feature
Improved stability

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