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Absolute Domination: Rework [v0.2]

Absolute Domination: Rework

Absolute Domination is a game that explores the consequences of ultimate power bestowed upon a young and inexperienced protagonist. As he gains the power reserved only for rulers, he becomes obsessed with controlling everyone around him to satisfy his personal ambitions. However, his unbridled use of power is challenged when he meets a girl who possesses the rare ability to resist his influence and threatens his grip on power. Initially set in the mundane setting of a school, the game’s narrative delves deeper into the protagonist’s psyche, revealing the dark consequences of his actions.​

Thread Updated: 2024-04-15
Release date: 2024-01-15
Developer: RudeStudio – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2
OS: Android
Language: English


  1. Update storyline from chapter 17 to 19: This storyline will continue in the direction that the Main character chose not to harm Misa from the previous version. This will open up new developments and create unique developments in the story.
  2. Add fast travel button: A new feature will be added, allowing players to quickly move from anywhere to “My Room” in game with just one mouse click.
  3. Update Lara’s storyline: The storyline of the character Lara will be updated and further developed to catch up with the old version.
  4. Fix some minor bugs: Version v0.2 will update and fix some minor bugs in the game, enhancing the player’s experience and creating a smoother gaming environment.

Download for ANDROID

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