A Man for All [Ep. 13]

After three years of attending college at Sol City institute in the big city, you’re just one step away from your college degree. Your last obstacle? Your undergraduate thesis. Now it’s up to you to explore the city, meet new people, and complete your biggest academic assignment yet.
Hot babes. Sexy encounters. Wacky hi-jinks. Heartfelt relationships. Experience it all. But only if you’re… a man for all.

Thread Updated: 2024-01-06
Release Date: 2023-12-23
Developer: Venus Waltz Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Episode 13
OS: Android
Language: English

Episode 13
-700 renders
-50 animations
-5 music tracks
-Various sound effects added
-Images for the credits of old episodes have been deleted and have not yet been replaced by scrolling animation. Should still be skippable for those of you playing through earlier episodes.

Download for ANDROID

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