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20 Minute Butt Workouts

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“Simple but sophisticated leg and lower body workout, with special emphasis on the butt.”

“As beautiful as all the other Power 20 apps. Really challenging workout!”

Improve your leg strength, balance, posture, and of course the shape of your butt and thighs with these 20-minute videos. These 20-minute workouts are sufficient for a day’s exercise because they are High Intensity Interval Training exercises.

Since large muscle groups are engaged, you’ll improve insulin sensitivity in your muscles. This is great for prediabetics and anyone who wants to control their blood sugar levels.

Follow these carefully-curated workout routines to get in shape fast. Power 20 improves overall fitness with exercises focused on strength, balance, and muscle tone.

✓ Guides you through 20-minute, lower-body workouts
✓ Improves overall fitness: strength, balance, and muscle tone
✓ No equipment necessary
✓ Listen to your own music while you use it
✓ Diabetic friendly: helps lower blood-sugar levels

Put your phone or tablet on the floor, hit Start, and within seconds you’ll be lunging, stretching, jumping, dipping and diving. A foxy guide shows you when to rest and when to move. At the end of 20 minutes you’ll be panting, sweating, and smiling. It’s like having your own personal trainer wherever you are!

Power 20 is a series of carefully curated, intense and effective workouts. We emphasize design and usability to deliver safe, tested and effective exercise combinations. These are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts that use plyometric exercises. Each workout enhances overall fitness: strength, endurance, balance, and muscle tone. These are some of the same exercises you may have seen in the 7 minute workout.

“Power 20 was awesome while I was on vacation. I did it every day in my hotel room.”
“I travel a lot for work and Power 20 always comes with me.”
“Workout apps are usually pretty complicated and take a long time to load. Power20 is fast and simple and always works.”
“I thought this was for girls, but it’s for guys too. It’s no freaking joke.”
“I’m drenched with sweat.”

✓ Elle Magazine rates Power 20 Fitness Trainer Pro as the top fitness app to take with you on vacation.
✓ About.com named Power 20 as one of the Best Exercise and Fitness Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch

Power 20 is safe and effective for people of all ages. Choose from one of three workout levels. You don’t need any prior knowledge of exercise or to be in great shape to use it. Just be sure you have your doctor’s approval for doing any kind of exercise routine.

Gorgeous, detailed diagrams accompany every exercise. Learn proper form and find out which muscle groups benefit from each movement.

Listen to your own playlists while working out to Power 20. We allow music from any application to play while you use Power 20.

With every workout you finish, you’ll unlock a new scene and workout combination. Work your way through cities all over the world.

You’ll start accumulating awards with every workout you finish. The awards are a handy way to let you know which exercises you have done, and how frequently you’ve done them.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) involves brief, high-intensity movement followed by brief periods of rest. HIIT workouts can be more effective than 30 or 60-minute workouts. Power 20 is a form of high intensity interval training.

All the exercises in Power 20 are “plyometric” exercises. Plyometrics are designed to produce fast and powerful movements that improve your ability to do useful, real-life tasks, like running in short bursts, lifting things, climbing stairs, and avoiding falls.

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