Zombie Castaways v4.23 (Mod – Unlimited Money)


Zombie Castaways v4.23 (Mod – Unlimited Money)

Zombastic farm & adventures 

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Zombie Castaways (MOD, Unlimited Money) – the game takes you to a large and a tropical island in which you will create a great and unique farm, but the most important of your tasks will be no extraction of valuable resources and cultivation of various rare plants. Your main tasks will be to help the zombies back to the person in your care need a large number of the infected. Upgrade your buildings and develop your farm that would find an antidote, gather in a place with a great zombie harvest and cook the potion. Explore the large and mysterious island and find jewelery and valuable materials that you can use in the construction of his farm.


Diana Jones is setting out on another adventure! Join her and Zombie in their journey to the Mist Valley! Meet the local warriors, learn more about their traditions, and get ready to face new challenges!

Zombie Castaways MOD APK Info:

Unlimited Money


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