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Welltory is an app that lets your body talk to you directly, telling you how much you can get done today, if you risk getting sick, and what to do to feel better tomorrow.

Based on methods from high-performance sports and adapted for knowledge workers, Welltory uses biofeedback to give you practical advice that’s relevant to your life, like:

skip the gym today and get a massage
something is wrong, get a health checkup
you’re losing focus, switch to routine work
running makes your sales grow, hit the track!

And much more.

Get more done and feel great by working with your body, not against it.

How does it work?

All you have to do is put your index finger over the phone camera & flash for 2 minutes every morning.

Welltory tracks your heartbeat with an optical technique called PPG, which is also used in many fitness trackers and wristbands. Then, the app runs the numbers through self-learning heart rate variability algorithms to produce meaningful biofeedback.

Step 1. Measure your heartbeat with your finger & phone camera to get your daily Stress, Energy, and Performance scores. Welltory’s camera measurements are as accurate as professional heart rate monitors, so you don’t need extra gadgets!

Step 2. Get advice based on biofeedback and use it to plan your day. Our recommendations will help you choose tasks that match your energy & focus, along with evening activities that help you reduce stress and feel better.

Step 3. Plug in Google Fit, RescueTime, and 100 other apps & gadgets to go PRO and change what really matters. Keep all of your data in one dashboard and use 60+ graphs to see how factors like sleep, steps, and even the weather affect your health parameters.

Why use Welltory?

Being aware of your body and learning how to take it into account will turn you into an expert biohacker in no time:

✔️ Test what works for you. What helps you reduce stress better: running or yoga? Does a vegetarian diet give you more energy? Use daily measurements to see how different lifestyle changes affect your health scores. Keep what works, toss what doesn’t.
✔️ Change what matters. Plug in data from Google Fit, RescueTime, Fitbit, and 100 other apps & gadgets, then use Welltory’s graphs to figure out which habits affect your Stress, Energy, and Performance scores. Make better lifestyle decisions based on facts, not guesswork.
✔️ Boost productivity & stress resilience. Use data-driven recommendations to choose tasks that match your energy & focus, then plan evening activities that will help you be more productive tomorrow. Get more done without putting your health on the line.
✔️ Avoid getting sick. Welltory alerts you when you’re pushing past your body’s limits so you can take action before it’s too late.

What makes us different?

Accurate. Measurement accuracy on par with professional heart rate monitors.
Verified. Measurements based on heart rate variability analysis – the same scientific method used by medical professionals, high performance athletes, and astronauts.

Customized. Self-learning algorithms trained on over 2B data points and tested against 25,000 clinical assessments.

User-friendly. Relevant advice based on biofeedback and health scores that are easy to understand.
Effective. 79% of users notice an improvement in wellness & productivity within 30 days.
With Welltory, anybody can use HRV to get biofeedback, no labs or personal analysts needed!

Welltory facts & figures :

15% – average increase in energy levels after 2 months with Welltory
60+ – graphs in your personal dashboard to help you analyze how your habits & lifestyle affect your health & wellness
100+ – supported data sources
100+ – science-based health hacks to help you change your lifestyle.

What’s New

Users with Android 7.1 or later models can start a new measurement, keep reading a lecture, or look through your charts quickly. Just press hard on the Welltory icon on your phone’s home screen and select the tab you need.

We also made technical changes to facilitate future updates for our measurement library, graphs, and integrations. Here’s what changed:

— the app no longer closes when you lose BLE signal

— the data from the LF and VLF graphs can be exported with dates now

Pro Features Unlocked


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