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WelCUM To The City [v0.13.0]

WelCUM To The City
After your father’s death, things start to get difficult in your life, so you’ve decided to accept your stepmother’s invitation to move back in with her and her daughter, just like it used to be when you were just a kid.
You are a grown man now, and some things must have changed…​

Thread Updated: 2024-05-05
Release Date: 2024-04-30
Developer: Quiquersson Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 0.13.0
: Android
Language: English


  • Interface Rework: buttons are more prominent and colorful so you know what is a button and what is just an icon, they are also bigger to be more easily clickable by mobile players.
  • Interaction Rework: character interaction is now divided into: chat; touch; hang out; and give item. Each character must react differently to different types of interactions, depending on their personality (PROTOTYPE: For now it’s only available for your neighbor, and only her casual outfit should appear in touch scenes, even if she’s wearing something else).
  • Stat Points Rework: Charisma are now adquired by interacting with other characters (mainly by talking and touching), and its training should only add bonus for point gaining. Also, bonus for charisma, inteligence, and physics works now like bonus for characters love, lust, and intimacy. You can get infinite bonus, but it will slightly decrease at the end of the day. Intimacy is gain when you spend time with a character and when they know more about you. Love is gain when you do or say something the character likes, and is lost otherwise.
  • Character Memory: characters store information about you, and may react differently depending on what they know about you. (PROTOTYPE: Characters may exchange information about you and other characters in the future, like a gossip mechanic. You can always try to please the character by saying things they like to hear, but if those things conflict with things another character has heard, they will consider you to be lying and stats may greatly decrease. For now it’s only available for your neighbor).
  • Rhythm Minigame: you can dance as a hang out activity with a character. Dancing increases character’s love points based on your score, and intimacy based on the music length. (PROTOTYPE: The speed of buttons is still not stable and can be quite disruptive. I tried to take a real time reading so that the buttons could move at the same speed on different operating systems regardless of the FPS, but I’m still learning how to make it work well and couldn’t get it balanced. So, consider choose the music option that better fit in your operational system. For now it’s only available for your neighbor).
  • Money and Item: You can earn money by helping students study in the afternoon at the library. To do this, you need to have more than 10 intelligence points. With the money you can buy items. Items can be used or given as gifts to characters. (PROTOTYPE: For now it’s only available for your neighbor).
  • Hygiene and Energy: energy mechanics have been reworked. Now it reduce slight over time and can recover from some items and activities. Hygiene system has been implemented. The amount of hygiene slightly influences the amount of charisma gain and can increase intelligence and charisma attributes when showering. Hygiene points reduce slightly over time and significantly with physical activity. The idea is that the bath can activate some erotic scenes (PROTOTYPE: Not yet fully functional).
  • Bug Fix: part 2 of stepsis’ quest will no longer get stuck forever if you fail to wake her up the following day of the quest part 1 and do the part 1 more than once. Now you can do part 1 as many times as you want, and the part 2 should be there on the following day.

Bonus code: w2school

Download for ANDROID

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