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Twitter v10.40.0-release.0 [1.27.0] [Original + Clone]

Twitter v10.40.0-release.0 [1.27.0] [Original + Clone]
Requirements: 8.0+
Overview: This is mod version of twitter(x).


What’s new:
Bug Fixes
– Add “SettingsStatusLoadFingerprint” to fingerprints of Hide Community Notes and Hide Live Threads patch
– Twitter: Bookmark in nav bar fix
– Twitter: Bookmark nav bar fix
– Unescaped characters

– Twitter: Added Ability to copy video media link patch
– Twitter: Added Patch info section

– Improve the retrieval of the patches version
– Translations: Update Indonesian (Bahasa)
– Translations: Update japanese
– Translations: update simplified chinese translation

– Add enableSettings helper function
– Add SettingsPatch dependencies to patches
– Optimize imports
– Twitter: Add ability to copy media link patch
– Twitter: refactor default feature flag hook

Patch Info:
● Applied Add ability to copy media link
● Applied Bring back twitter
● Applied Clear tracking params
● Applied Custom download folder
● Applied Custom sharing domain
● Applied Customize profile tabs
● Applied Customize timeline top bar
● Applied Disable chirp font
● Applied Download patch
● Applied Dynamic color
● Applied Enable Follow us on Telegramer Mode
● Applied Enable Undo Posts
● Applied Enable app and nav icon settings
● Applied Enable app downgrading
● Applied Force enable translate
● Applied Hide Banner
● Applied Hide Community Notes
● Applied Hide FAB
● Applied Hide FAB Menu Buttons
● Applied Hide Live Threads
● Applied Hide Promoted Trends
● Applied Hide Recommended Users
● Applied Hide bookmark icon in timeline
● Applied Hide immersive player
● Applied Hide promote button
● Applied Hook feature flag
● Applied No shortened URL
● Applied Open browser chooser on opening links
● Applied Remove “Communities to join” Banner
● Applied Remove “Creators to subscribe” Banner
● Applied Remove “Pinned posts by followers” Banner
● Applied Remove “Revisit Bookmark” Banner
● Applied Remove “Who to follow” Banner
● Applied Remove Ads
● Applied Remove Detailed posts
● Applied Remove Google Ads
● Applied Remove view count
● Applied Selectable Text
● Applied Show poll results
● Applied Show sensitive media

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More Info:

Download Instructions:
Original Package:
● Armeabi-v7a


● Arm64-v8a


Clone Package:
● Armeabi-v7a


● Arm64-v8a


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