Trick Or Dick [v0.3] (18+)

TrickOrDick is an adult visual novel game. The story is set a week before Halloween as you play a young photographer who inherited his grandfather’s house and moved to another town. In this new town he has a chance to begin anew as nobody knows him yet. He decides to throw a Halloween party in this new town, so he can get to know other people better and get known in the small town community. In the 7 days leading to the party, you will be able to meet people, interact with them and build their affection towards you. The game features multiple romances and endings.‚Äč

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Thread Updated: 2020-10-30
Release Date: 2020-10-25
Developer: Pearl Necklace Productions
Censored: No
Version: 0.3
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Web
Language: English
Length: 2-4 hours of gameplay

Version 0.3 includes:

  • New character “Patricia”:
    -You can interact with her, gift her items, learn all about her and her backstory and unlock a total of 3 H-scenes with this rich babe.
    -This woman comes with a lot of baggage so get ready for some drama and a lot of snarky monologues.
    -Note: We didn’t manage to implement her minigame yet, but stay tuned, because we have something a little extra fun and special planned for her.
  • New item in shop “Magnolia”:
    -For when you just need them extra affection points.
  • New location: Park
    -Relax or take a jog – who knows it might do you some good to get some exercise.
    -Some say jogging is also a good way to meet up chicks??
  • New main menu
    -(CutePotato) I thought the old art was a bit outdated so I ‘freshened’ it up a bit.
    -I hope to redo some of the older art as we come up with new versions!
  • New game logo
    -(Also CutePotato) I also “sexed” up the old logo a bit.
    In the future we hope to make the game branch out more depending on your choices.
    The new logo is embracing that duality – dark VS light, good VS bad, Angel Angelica VS Devil angelica, becoming the best bachelor VS the best boyfriend in town, etc.
  • Achievements
    LazyPotato really worked his tushie off for this one.
    Now when you do stuff you actually get rewarded for it!
    One thing we also had in mind is that some people have trouble navigating this game.
    So the achievements also serve as some sort of “guide” for you guys to reach and discover some scenes easier.
    They also work on GameJolt and should add to your profile (Newgrounds removed since this is adult game).
  • Also introducing some new characters who don’t have their own storylines (yet). We are slowly trying to introduce more of the cast so that our Patrons will have an easier choice deciding the next romancable option.
    – “Charlie”:
    That mansion isn’t going to clean itself.
    – “Felicity”:
    Who let the sheep out?


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