Summoned by Accident [24.03.08]

What Is SbArPg?

Summoned by Accident is a rpg focused mainly on m/m content with character driven plot. In it, you explore and run into inhabitants of the world. Some friendly, some foe. Inspired by other text based games and some video.​

Thread Updated: 2024-03-26
Release Date: 2024-03-08
Developer: Team Zorro Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 24.03.08
OS: Android
Language: English

Version 24.03.08

  • Ritch has decided he wants a bit more action with a certain s̶l̶u̶t̶ boy for hire, and now will be asking Boss for some alone time with him, just don’t forget to visit him after work a couple of times and he might invite you upstairs~
  • Leon has been moved downtown to take over his broski’s spot, but is in dire need of some R&R. Where are all the cuties at when you need them? Don’t worry, he’s a true sub no matter how tough he might act. So whether you want a ride on the mustang, or take him for a ride, he’ll service you anyway you want him to!
  • Score has some free time now and wants to spend that time testing out a new potion Kru gave him, but first, business. He’ll be waiting for you as long as you meet Girardo and Gray a couple of times before to give you some much need information, and get you started on the right direction to know about who Duilio might be sending for you. Just because not to be too tired if you’re planning on taking him up on his other offer…
  • Our very own coder BlackCat is now in the game! With his very own sona! Go ahead and say hey to Taylor downtown! And get teased with some future fun times with him~
  • Not the only man in uniform there, you can meet Bernard and see what he needs for a future job he might have for you.
  • In order to get you prepared thanks to a certain cop that’s been making a ruckus for the goblins, Girardo has a meeting with some of the gang members you’ve been meeting. This is another way to get their future jurbs with Boss if you haven’t gotten their one time scenes back with Rohan. And to set up some fun with him for later.
  • For those who’ve been letting certain satyr lead them off into the forest at night, Voc’s been wandering downtown doing his shopping there as well. Why not join him? If you’re feeling frisky and know of a spot, you can invite him to a little getaway to help relief the man of all that load he’s been building up for you.
  • While you’re out, go say hi to Rok! He’s been looking for someone to help him do a bit of research being practicing his dick game. Trald‘s not impress and has been filling his mind with so many other things he just can’t focus anymore. Though he’ll need to practice changing his AND his partner’s.
  • For some reason, Vac‘s been installing some not so legal things in the alleyways for some reason. Maybe if you help him, it’ll help you in a future mission you’re already being dragged into?
  • And last but certain not least, Kiel has made his way back into the game. Those who want to have a nice… Relaxing… Ride as he shops for supplies, why not go say hi? Just be sure not to get too comfy in there. You know what sort of bear he is.

What’s Changed For The Patreon?

  • After helping Bianchi out take some much needed updated pics for his future side job, why not take some time to visit the gym? Heard there’s a new blue fox named Crimson over there taking over for Trald and Gen… Just how many blue foxes are you going to meet?
  • And if you’re planning on staying late, Bianchi has a little favor for you to do. Just before closing that is.
  • After that… Event happens with him, don’t forget to visit him while he’s working out again. He’ll need to have a little chat with you. Of course Bianchi is always there to help his loving students how to workout with the best of them!
  • Trald has been hanging around The Nieghborhood for too long and now wants in! And he’s ready to make sure you help him get in there, with you coming along of course.
  • Afterwards, don’t forget to get some one on one training with Trald to get prepared for future endeavors!
  • There’s a new masseur in town, a nice looking skunk called Friscoe, and he’s getting free massages to fellow coworkers… They get those for free?
  • Warren has some new conversations for you to indulge with him in, and some preps for the much long awaited Boss works update! Be prepared!
  • Since he has to, Gen‘s also there to help get you in shape if you’re looking to do so. Bonus points for horny boys looking at his dick. Get a breeding fox thinking you want to get bred, and he might order you out when the time comes.
  • After what happened that faithful night, Mac‘s finally agreed to take what Kru’s been peddling and has a new look! Why not workout with him and learn what’s been happening with him since he joined the work force.
  • And if you’ve seen him and been practicing your voring capabilities, Phantom has a proposition for you for you to take part of the festivities at the CV Arena. Or even if you don’t and just want to get closer to the… Thirsty bat, or why not both? All in preps for the CV Arena update!

Download for ANDROID

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