SnoreFree : Stop Snoring Now v2.1.1 [Premium]

SnoreFree : Stop Snoring Now v2.1.1 [Premium]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: SnoreFree is the #1 Health App to get rid of your snoring. Permanently, without surgery & the use of expensive, uncomfortable aids.

SnoreFree is the #1 Health App to get rid of your snoring. Permanently, without surgery & the use of expensive, uncomfortable aids.

STOP snoring permanently with Snore Free the popular, most comprehensive anti-snoring app. With just 10 mins of logopedic anti-snoring gymnastics, you’ll be snore free in just a few weeks.

Does SnoreFree REALLY WORK?

This effective therapy was developed by speech therapist Dario Lindes & has been successfully practiced for 13 years. The Anti Snore Gym is similar to a voice training for singers & speakers, for targeted strengthening of the muscles in the mouth. Convince yourself of the effectiveness, benefit from info, tips & tricks for restful sleep.

 Is this ANTI-SNORE training HEALTHY?

Snore Free treats snoring at its root cause, muscular weakness in the mouth – like oral yoga. Reduces sleep & snoring noise, ensures adequate oxygen saturation in the blood, strengthens the immune system, improves pronunciation & tones facial muscles.


The effectiveness is proven by many studies:

Is SnoreFree SUITABLE for me?

+ 80% of our users have a significant improvement in quality of life & reduction in sleep noise after just a few weeks.


 Waking up Feeling Tired
 Permanent Daytime Sleepiness
 Decreased Performance
 Dry Mouth in the Morning
 Recurrent Headaches
 Weaknesses in Concentration
 Relationship Problems
 Daily 2h Sleep Loss
 Mild OSA

WHY SnoreFree?

 Stop Snoring in a Natural Way
 Guided Workout Program
 Reach your Goals Fast & Easy
 Personalized 4 Level Training Plan
 Training reminders, better successes
 Tips for healthy sleep & snore prevention
 Clear dashboard & statistics
 Better pronunciation
 Optimized sleep cycle & sleep through
 Reduced Pressure 4 CPAP Mask User
 Improves Relationships

TEST us FREE of CHARGE & No Obligations

✔ Nr 1 Anti Snoring Training App
✔ No annoying Ads
✔ 6 FREE Video Exercises
✔ Test without Registration
✔ For Beginner & Advanced
✔ Training Timer – Reach Your Goals Faster
✔ Individually Training Time
✔ For Men, Women & Children
✔ Effectively Reduce & Get Rid of Snoring
✔ Continuous development of Snore Free App


 Natural Method to Heal Snoring
 Strong Immune System
 More Energy & More Activity in Everyday Life
 Improved Concentration
 Restful & Healthy Sleep Cycle
 Tightening of the Facial Muscles
 Improvement of Articulation
 Reduces Grinding
 Relief for mild Sleep Apnea
 Up to 10 years more life expectancy
 Prevention for Stroke, Heart Attack, Diabetes
 No Expensive Uncomfortable Anti Snore Aids
 No Painful Surgery

 Start in your your new life

Loud snoring reduces blood oxygen levels, often causes daytime sleepiness, microsleep, increases risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke & listlessness.

 Deep & healthy sleep is an important for better quality of life, productivity in everyday life & harmony in the bedroom. 

 SnoreFree Premium

SnoreFree can be downloaded & tested for free. All exercises with personalized training plan, are unlocked with the purchase of a subscription. There are 3 subscriptions & 1 LifeTime Subscription to use all features.

✔ 49 logopedic videos
✔ Workout in 4 levels
✔ Personalized workout plan
✔ Clear dashboard
✔ Training reminder for optimal successes
✔ Animations to explain the anatomy
✔ Meditations for relaxation
✔ Tips & tricks for sleep hygiene & snoring prevention


We recommend visiting a sleep lab, using a sleep tracking app, sleep tracker, snore record, snore recorder, sleep cycle, sleep cycle, record sleep sounds to measure your successes.

HEALTH: SnoreFree is not suitable for infants & for swallowing disorders.

 Sleep Better – Live Better
Who Wants Surgery? Do the Snore Free Therapy!

 STOP Snoring NOW! With our unique Snore Free Health App Therapy Approach 

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