Shadow Fight 3 v1.29.5 (Latest update)

Shadow Fight 3 v1.29.5 (Latest update)

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Shadow Fight 3 – RPG fighting Apk info

Shadow Fight 3 is a fighting game that includes at the same time RPG elements, and features ninjas, something that makes it a must without a doubt . Hollywood has been very diligent in indoctrinating the public in some subjects and putting many myths in our heads. The ninjas are an excellent example considering they never existed in the way we have been told on so many occasions. Before you are outraged, we must admit that movie ninjas are pretty cool, and when they get together with samurai and the likes to kick the crap out of each other, nothing bad can come out of it. By and large, this is what Shadow Fight 3 for Android has to offer: a game that is halfway between an RPG and a spectacular fighting game with 3D graphics. The third installment of this saga comes with a lot of ass-kicking and much better graphics than the special edition of the second part. This is a fighting game with role-playing elements, in which an exciting story will unfold set in the times of the Shogun. You can choose from three fighting styles, experiment, combine your equipment, learn new and surprising moves and explore a vast world full of adventures. It is a real challenge to get all the weapons, considering there are so many of them. Katana, kunai, naginata, nunchaku, shuriken, bo… You have everything, and all very cool. Learn to control your techniques with the touch buttons, manage the right time to use your immunity bar, and change your avatar whenever you want.

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Version 1.28.0 changes:
– New game mode added: Raids;
– New Ammunition feature added;
– System of obtaining and upgrading perks and special moves re-worked;
– Perks changed, also new ones added.

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