Panthea Act 2 [v0.2] (18+)

Casey is back with another adventure​

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Thread Updated: 2021-05-13
Release Date: 2021-05-13
Developer: Leave2gether Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 0.2
OS: Windows
Language: English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese

Added following mechanics & content:

  • Added “Tuna Riding”, “Casey’s Nap” and “Dreaming of Ram” scenes
  • Patreon connection & login
  • Cloud Save & Load for logged patrons
  • Gallery for 10$+ patrons (gold icon available in the game after you log in with 10$+ account)
  • Girls will auto-eat each morning (if has enough food left)
  • Lana will auto-buy food and coffee (if player is Casey) during her shopping on Tuesday and Thursday (if she has enough money and low stock of food / coffee)
  • Lana has her talking script after shopping based on shopping results
  • Casey will keep working at Vault according to her schedule when player plays Lana. She will earn amount of money based on Vault popularity, amount of customers and negative Tuna random value.
  • Lana is playable after finishing “Tuna Riding” quest chain. Added default dialogs for all current characters talking to Lana.
  • You can choose to play either Lana or Casey via bed at 8:00AM (after Lana becomes playable)
  • Lana has ‘Urge’ basic mechanics instead of attraction, when she has her Urge builds every day and affects her actions. It can be gained and reduced during sex events
  • Currently Lana has 4 Urge-based conditions (shown as perks): None (0-2), Racing Heartbeat (3-5), Moist Panties (6-9), Wet Pussy (10+)
  • Arnie goes to Vault on Monday as well

Scene starting conditions changed:

  • Sleepy Sex scene may start when Casey goes to sleep and Lana has her Urge 10+
  • Dreaming of Ram will start if Casey goes to sleep Drunk or Badly Drunk, but has no Tired or Hungry effects
  • Casey’s Nap scene can be triggered by Lana if Casey is sleeping late after her previous shift at Vault. To trigger it Lana needs either ‘Moist Panties’ or ‘Wet Pussy’ perk. If Lana has ‘Wet Pussy’, she can’t have an option to let Casey sleep
  • Tuna Riding scene can be triggered with 50% chance every time Dave is at the VIP lounge and Tuna has her shift (currently Monday and Wednesday 01-04AM) after Vault popularity reaches 11+ and after Casey Handjob story is done. Cannot be trigger when playing Lana (yet).


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