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Otome Games Obey Me! NB v1.6.8 [Mod]

Otome Games Obey Me! NB v1.6.8 [Mod]
Requirements: Android 6.0 or later, OpenGL 3.0 or later
Overview: An otome/rhythm game where you romance the seven rulers of the underworld


From the otome game series with over 8 million downloads that took the world by storm comes the latest installment, Obey Me! Nightbringer!
In an all-new story, take on adventures in the Devildom with seven unique ikemen demon brothers and try to find a way back to the world from once you came!
Laugh, cry and sometimes pull out your whip on the seven hot but quirky demon brothers and their unique band of friends in this otome anime dating game.
Who will you choose to stan and become your anime boyfriend?

Author: Myself

MOD Features:
– VIP Mode enabled: Battle with Ruri-Chan, skip Akuber, have 24h job.
– Invincible: You won’t lose HP when getting hit in the levels.
– Run game with developer mode enabled: Latest version requires developer to be disabled. It automatically bypasses it.
– Always can play AD to gain more AP (still limited to 5 per day).
– Change Cards Strength: Meaning we can score higher in level or skip the level. I recommend 500’000 which is a good middle ground.
– Soda Drink: “Battle Left” is always at 3, meaning we can farm one particular hard level, or event level, indefinitely (aka we can farm UR+ from extreme levels way more easily).
– Perfect Combo: You will always have the combo perfect finish in the end of the level.
– High Score In Levels: Sets a random score between 40 000 000 and 55 000 000 to easily have S and not getting flagged.
– Instant Finish Levels: As soon as you start the level, it directly ends, to be used with Perfect Combo and High Score in Levels to quickly have Perfect Combo Finish S levels.
– Force Quick Clear: Sets a chosen value for the “x1/x2/x3” clear in the quick clear menu, you still need the needed AP, can be useful for grinding event points / don’t lose AP if you’re close to a level up

Mod showcase:
Infinite AP, grims, or other resources not mentioned cannot be “hacked”, everything is checked on their servers.
If you have trouble login in with an error like: “Cannot use this version of the app”, try to clean cache and force stop the app, it may take a few time, also try to just close the pop up, it is sometimes enough.

VirusTotal Links:
Signed APK: … 27/summary
Unsigned APK: … 7c/summary
Credits to: My horse named Cosette, which is the best Horse in the world.

What’s New:
Added support for 1.6.8

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More Info:

Download Instructions:
Signed APKs for normal phones:


For phones with signatures verification disabled using core patch:

Mirror: … d.apk.html

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