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NP Manager v3.1.9

NP Manager v3.1.9
Requirements: 5.0+ ¦ An account
Overview: It’s mainly a File Manager, with which you can view and edit APK, Dex, Jar, Smali, Pdf, and only open video and audio files.


Function Introduction:

● Conversion of Dex, Jar, and Smali files to and from each other;
● DEX file merging, splitting;
● Apk, DEX, JAR obfuscation and string encryption;
● Apk signing, coexistence, removing signature verification, dialog cancellation, removing VPN/proxy detection;
● RES resource obfuscation (support for custom dictionaries);
● PDF merging, encrypting, splitting, extracting, unrestricting encryption, deleting pages;
● Video transcoding, cutting, extracting audio/video streams, custom audio/video operations;
● Folder transcoding GBKUTF-8;
● SO file to view character constants;
● Apk reinforcement judgment, Dex editing (batch deletion of classes);
● High compatibility string encryption (Apk, dex);
● Toolbox (common string conversions, such as base64, des, md5, decimal, Unicode, whitewashing, etc.);
● Smali file to Java;
● Add Xposed detection with one click, add pop-up windows and dialog boxes with one click;
● AXML decompile/backcompile, ARSC file view character constants;
● One-click LOG injection, one-click removal of all pop-up windows (Toast);
● One-click injection string decryption LOG, Dex file to change the package name;
● Multiple Apk string encryption schemes (recommended string encryption in control flow obfuscation);
● Add banned screenshots with one click, add Apk crash logging with one click;
● XML text code formatting;
● DEX file view character constants;
● Apk Super Obfuscation 3.0 – High efficiency direct to DEX confusion, support obfuscation of four major components, support multi-DEX;
● Apk function – DEX obfuscation confrontation;
● Dex Edit Plus (supports searching, editing Smali and viewing character constants);
● Support Smali, Java, AXML and other in-editor syntax highlighting;
● One-click extraction of Dex obfuscated dictionary and encryption of resource IDs in Dex;
● Apk alignment optimization;
● Dex batch repair;
● Super version removes signature verification;
● Encrypted protection of assets and RES resources;
● DEX file comparison;
● Text file comparison;
● Decompiling class files and jar packages;
● Apk function – control flow obfuscation 5.0 – high efficiency full encryption string, method hiding, encryption resource ID, instruction substitution, DEX optimization, reflection protection, flattening, etc.;
● DEX function-property viewing;
● Smali syntax queries;
● Smali Execution Flowchart View (Editor – > Navigation – > Long Press Method Name – >View Flowchart)
● Smali method CodeOffset size viewing (editor-> navigation);
● Smali method IR viewing (editor-> navigation);
● Svg and android vectorDrawable XML – interchange and preview functions (multi-select batch);
● JSON file visualization, formatting, checksuming, compression, escaping, and XML conversion;
● NPMan, a network interface test tool, supports common network request testing and ping testing; Support reading request files request.hcy and request_body.bin saved by HttpCanary; support uploading binary files as request body;
● Apk-VM protection, support configuration annotations and class name method name rules;
● Apk-Res anti-obfuscation;
● Support control flow obfuscation of Jar or Dex files separately;
● Apk-Dex string decryption;
● Control flow – anti-string one-click decryption;
● Support Apks and Xapk files to Apk files;
● Support for Arsc file editing;
● Support Apk pseudo-encryption and anti-pseudo-encryption;
● Apk-Dex2C;
● screen eyedropper;
● Screen ruler;
● PDF to Word/PPT/Excel/Long Image, Word to PDF/Long Image, etc.;
● Apk function extracts shell;
● Apk-arsc translation;
● Apk comparison, AndroidManifest .xml comparison.

It’s a File Manager like “MT Manager” and supports English*

*Note: The interface language changes according to the default device language.

Common crash causes:
● Rooted devices have a high probability of crashing
● Rooted device has not given a root access
● There is no network (you might have to launch it offline, in case the UI doesn’t show up, but a white screen instead, a few Force Stops might also be necessary)
● The phone has a VPN or Proxy/Custom DNS turned on

What’s New:
Version 3.1.9 (2024-05-13):
1. Text editor automatically switches color styles based on dark mode and supports XML text formatting.
2. New feature to merge text files—select multiple files of the same type and long press to merge them.
3. New terminal emulator—supports executing Linux script files.
4. Improved file decompression progress display and archive file format recognition.
5. Optimized APK dialog by extracting icons from within the APK files.
6. Generic APK editing—when modifying TargetSdkVersion from <31 to 31+, automatically adds the android:exported attribute to components.
7. For files that are archives but do not have an archive file extension, long press to browse and open the archive.
8. Enhanced Smali navigation—highlights the line where the cursor is located.
9. Improved speed of installing APK and APKS files via Shizuku.
10. Folder comparison—added support for syncing files or folders before and after.
11. Dex editing now supports importing .dex, .smali, and .zip files (containing Smali).
12. Partial translation support in Arsc translation and the ability to stop automatic translation midway.
13. File renaming now supports changing names to different cases.
14. Fixed a severe bug in recompiling axml files and rewrote the recompilation module.
15. Fixed an issue with new files being highlighted incorrectly in the file list.
16. Resolved multiple issues with file operations under the Android/data directory.
17. Fixed an issue where the file list icon did not change after editing icons in general editing.
18. Fixed various other known issues.

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