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Niagara Launcher ‧ fresh/clean v1.11.6 [Pro]

Niagara Launcher ‧ fresh/clean v1.11.6 [Pro]
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: A minimalist productivity launcher. One hand-friendly. Zero ads.

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Niagara Launcher gives your phone a whole new look and offers a minimalistic experience to help you to form a healthy relationship with your phone. You also get to experience the latest and greatest features of Android 10, including smart replies and dark mode.

Top reasons to use Niagara Launcher:

All apps in a simplified list · You just need to scroll either of the edges on the launcher to get access to all of your apps instantly.

Interact with notifications right on the home screen · Unlike most other launchers, Niagara Launcher gives you essential information about received messages at a glance and directly on your home screen. Swiping on a notification expands it and lets you reply quickly.

Ergonomic efficiency · Niagara Launcher is optimized for one hand usage. Your apps are always within reach and the scrollbar can be used from both sides.

Lightweight & fast · Niagara Launcher is not only lightweight to your phone’s resources, but at just a few megabytes in size, the app takes up very little space. Next to simplicity, fluidity is one of the most important aspects of Niagara Launcher.

Media Player · Music controls automatically show up on your home screen when they’re needed, too – anytime you’re playing audio from an app.

Theming · Niagara Launcher pulls colors from your wallpaper for a nice thematic effect. Additionally, you can choose between a light or dark theme. Icon packs are supported as well – you can even apply an icon of your choice to each app individually.

Hide unwanted Apps · Hide all pre-installed bloatware, to get a clean and tidy home screen.

❏ Mod info:
◉ Pro Unlocked
◉ Manifest Cleaned
◉ No Random Numbers Bug (you might need to force stop it if they appear)
◉ Use any Weather Widget app
◉ Architecture: Universal
★ Modded By RBMods

What’s New:
Niagara Launcher v1.11.6 · Tweaks And Fixes

We know you have all been waiting for a big update for a while now. That update will be released soon, but today, we’re already back with a decent collection of minor improvements, tweaks, and bug fixes.

You can find a list of all these changes detailed below:

Quality of Life Improvements
• Integrate our help and feedback section: This new settings section adds useful links to our knowledge base about using the launcher, Niagara Pro, commonly requested features, and commonly reported bugs, grouped into easy-to-understand categories directly in the launcher.
• Add Anycons explanation dialog: Add a new dialog, accessible from the icon pack selection dialog, that illustrates Anycons and their benefits.
• Anycon tweaks: Add audio recorder & video app category icons and add aliases for some categories.
• Group clock settings: Since there are quite a few clock-related settings, we now group them inside a separate clock settings menu.
• Wallpaper collection: refined the experience when browsing and picking wallpapers from our collection.
• Niagara Coin: There’s now a shiny ripple animation when the coin lands. Because it utilizes new shader APIs added in Android 13, it only works on devices with at least this version.
• Safer secret commands: Some secret commands now require explicit confirmation before executing from the search. Furthermore, their functionality is described in the confirmation dialog for some of them.

• Fix the screen being blank for a bit after returning home: This animation bug only occurred in rare edge cases; see our issue tracker for more details.
• Tweak accidental home button press detection: The launcher ignores a second home button press shortly after the first one to prevent accidental presses. We now only ignore that second press shortly after returning to the home screen, so users can quickly close our search screen with a home button.
• Fix OneDrive shortcuts not being added to the home screen: The OneDrive team has thought of a very creative way to add shortcuts to the home screen. When the user adds a OneDrive folder shortcut, OneDrive multi-track drifts two shortcut APIs at the same time, which causes some misbehavior in the launcher. We now handle this case correctly.
• Apply clock style even when clock is tiny: Previously, the new clock styles were only applied if the clock was big enough. Now, they are also applied if the clock is tiny. The clock will use a condensed appearance if there’s not enough space or when rotating your phone to landscape mode.
• App icons: the icon assistant indicator for automatically assigned apps is now reliably shown on the screen where you can edit individual icons.
• Fix S24 theme color: Workaround “auto” theme color being mostly dark gray on Galaxy S24 devices.

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