NewPipe (Lightweight YouTube) v0.21.10 [Extra Mod]

NewPipe (Lightweight YouTube) v0.21.10 [Extra Mod]
Requirements: 4.4 and up
Overview: The lightweight YouTube experience for Android.

Do you like watching videos on YouTube but looking for a simple app to do that?
NewPipe has been created with the purpose of getting the original YouTube experience on your smartphone without annoying ads and questionable permissions.

Lightweight YouTube frontend that’s supposed to be used without the proprietary YouTube-API or any of Google’s (proprietary) play-services. NewPipe only parses the YouTube website in order to gain the information it needs.

Main Features:
• YouTube Videos
Simple way to watch videos from the site and use its features.
• Extended Privacy
Does not use the YouTube API nor the Google Play Services.
• Background Player
Use other apps with no hassle while it plays your favourite songs.
• Download Media
Simply download YouTube videos or audio to your device.
• Subscriptions
Never miss new content from your favourite channels.
• History
Go back in time and enjoy your favourites again.
• Open Source
How it works is not a secret. Go and check it on GitHub.
• Free
You get the whole thing for free. No in-app purchases or ads either.

★★★ MOD ★★★

● Unwanted Services + Receivers and Providers removed
● Cleaned resources for a fast load and ZipAligned
● Check for update removed
● Data collection removed
● Debug Info removed
➡ Languages: Multi Languages
➡ CPU architectures: Universal
➡ Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi

What’s New:
Added Show Channel Details where it’s missing #6919
Allow choosing which types of search suggestions to show #3546
Added support for CSV+ZIP subscriptions (Google Takeout) #6882
Show popup menu when long pressing items in the video player’s play queue #6955
Added option to directly open fullscreen when the main player starts #5459
Added darker splash screen for OS dark theme #7055

Changed dark theme colors to darker variant #6244, #7085
Replace UniversalImageLoader with Picasso #5928
Change “not available” image from PNG to vector format #6917
Provide mime type to file picker to gray out unselectable files #6820
Explain how to remove tab from main page #6965

Catch errors while processing timestamp-links #6851
Added wrapping settings titles to the next line #6952
Re-add sharing of the content name with the “Share” command #6957
Fixed double tapping the replay button #7014
[Android TV] Fix long seekbar jumps when using a DPad #6985
Close audio effect control session properly #6993
Fixed some inconsistencies in the error panel #7004
Change player progress bar update from 500 ms to 1 s #7071
Fixed OnErrorNotImplemeneted crashes when trying to play in popup or getting search suggestions #7056
Fixed toggeling description visibility while a video detail is shown #7056
Fixed restarting not working properly #7068

Added gradle parameter to skip formatKtLint and use in CI #6858
Using Eclipse temurin in GH actions #6995
Use ExoPlayer default values for buffers #6515
Use PackageInfoCompat.getSignatures(). #6634
Fixed build problems and updated kotlin #6986
Using integrated cache in actions/setup-java #7002

Use custom cancel string everywhere #6848
Added plural forms for download related strings #6930
Reword part of the bug report template #6990
Never use android.R.strings and remove unused add string #7024

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