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Mask Browser-Extension&AI GPT4 v1.6.0.2 [Mod]

Mask Browser-Extension&AI GPT4 v1.6.0.2 [Mod]
Requirements: 7.0+
Overview: Mask Browser is a simple Android browser that supports both Google Browser and Microsoft Edge extensions, providing a perfect dual experience of fast browsing and personalization.


Mask Browser is a simple Android browser that supports both Google Browser and Microsoft Edge extensions, providing a perfect dual experience of fast browsing and personalization.

Mask Browser is equipped with a new Chromium110 high-speed kernel engine, Google Chrome’s Blink rendering engine, and V8 engine. Its simplicity and speed can help you easily browse web pages, read information, watch videos, and listen to music. At the same time, it can be paired with a variety of extension plugins, allowing you to freely customize your browser! It has both high performance and customization freedom.

Main functions:

1. Mask Browser supports the installation of a large number of Google and Edge extensions, such as the Tampermonkey script extension, Cleanup Master Chrome extension, Google Translation extension, Grammarly Checker extension, Adguard adblocker advertisement interceptor, Adblock, Dark Follow us on Telegramer, Bitgarden free password manager extension, Global Speed: video speed control, and thousands of browser plugin extensions. Mask Browser has the ability to manage extensions, allowing you to install, uninstall, and disable plugins at any time. You can open the extension management page at any time from the bottom toolbar, which is more in line with the usage scenario of the plugin and more practical than Kiwi Browser and Firefox.

2. Mask Browser supports you to switch between your commonly used search engines, such as Google Search, Bing Search, Yandex Search, DuckDuckGo Search, Yahoo Search, Ecosia Search, Baidu Search, 360 Search, Sogou Search, etc. (The search engines you can use depend on your country and region). In addition, Mask Browser also prompts you for search history, saving you time for repeated searches and efficiently accessing searches.

3. Mask Browser has a convenient homepage that allows you to quickly access popular websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia, ESPN, Yahoo, eBay, Instagram, and more. If you don’t need it, you can also remove it, and Mask Browser will provide you with the webpage you visit the most frequently. At the same time, Mask Browser also recommends excellent and popular extensions for you, improving convenience while also allowing you to access more and better tools faster and more conveniently.

4. Mask Browser supports personalized customization, and you can set the search bar at the top or bottom. It is more in line with the user habits of single handed mobile phone operation than Kiwi Browser, and you don’t need to change your usage habits.

5. Mask Browser supports switching multiple languages, including 84 languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

6. Mask Browser supports translation function, which allows you to translate the entire webpage with just one click.

7. Mask Browser supports convenient bookmark management, with commonly used web pages added to bookmarks at any time. At the same time, you can organize and edit bookmarks.

8. Mask Browser supports dark mode, allowing you to enjoy the advanced dark eye protection mode at night.

9. Mask Browser supports privacy mode and becomes a privacy browser with just one click. At the same time, it has perfect password management functions to help you remember your password at any time.

Compared to Kiwi Browser, Mask Browser has a simpler interface and more accurate search results, even if it is a newborn browser. Thank you for downloading and using. If you encounter any problems during use, such as bugs, crashes, or requirements, you can send us feedback via email: [email protected] . We have been optimizing and will present you with a more charming MASK!

Official website:

★★★ MOD by AnBo39 ★★★

– Russian translation added and corrected
– Analytics and trackers are disabled
– Only for arm64

What’s New:
1.Resolved known crash issues to improve stability during usage.
2.Enhanced interface adaptation for efficient bookmark management, browsing history, and additional features.
3.Addressed display issues in tablet mode where the tab bar was previously obstructed.

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