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Magnifier – Magnifying Glass v1.2.5 by Pion Tech [PRO]

Magnifier – Magnifying Glass v1.2.5 by Pion Tech [PRO]
Requirements: 7.0 and up
Overview: Unlimited reading of the little words on the package of the medicine box, the instructions for use, or the newspaper with Magnifying Glass – Magnifier


Now your phone has turned into Magnifying Glass – Magnifier that can zoom up to 20x.

In addition, you can install the application Magnifier for your parents, or grandparents as a gift – your loved ones have much worse eyes and cannot see things clearly.

Magnifying Glass – Magnifier main features
– magnifying glass free
– Zoom
– magnifier app with Flashlight
– To take a photo
– Freeze magnifier screen
– Adjust magnifying glass with flashlight screen brightness

Magnifying Glass – Magnifier turns your smartphone into a very convenient electronic magnifier. magnifying glass free use your phone’s camera to zoom in on the text or whatever. Zoom lens mode can be up to 20x

A feature that makes microscope special. Normally we cannot take a photo and turn on the flashlight at the same time. With Magnifying Glass – Magnifier with light, you can see the little things clearly under the phone flashlight light

In addition, magnifer glass also has a ‘freeze’ feature that will help you see objects more comfortably. After freezing, you can view a more detailed enlarged image

Take a photo
Once you’ve zoomed in to your satisfaction, you want to save what you just saw. Just touch the capture button in microscope, all content behind the camera has been saved.

Adjust screen brightness
magnifier magnifying glass supports you to increase or decrease the screen brightness to see better

In short, magnifier free magnifying glass is a great tool that requires no training to use. magnifier magnifying glass free can assist you to see small prints more clearly and you can zoom in and out with your fingertips. If you need a flashlight, you can use magnify glass with flash. glass magnifier magnifying is designed to work well on most Android smartphones, providing everything you need in our glass magnifier loupe

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