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Intermi – Intermittent Fasting Tracker v2.7.9 [Unlocked]

Intermi – Intermittent Fasting Tracker v2.7.9 [Unlocked]
Requirements: 7.0 and up
Overview: Are you tired of counting calories and diet plans?


Intermittent Fasting Tracker app offers a simpler way to start your journey to a healthy life in natural way.

It keeps track of your fasting progress, encourages you to stick to your weight loss goal, and gives your extra insights into your life and eating habits

Intuitive fasting tracker
Intermi – Free Intermittent Fasting App & Fasting Tracker & Free Fasting app provides a useful tracker. You can start or stop fasting quickly. Easily track intermittent fasting. Set or adjust your fasting time. A nice fasting tracker free and intermittent fasting timer in this intermittent fasting free app is necessary.

How does intermittent fasting (IF) work?
Intermittent fasting is one of the most popular fitness and health methods in the world. It is a scientifically proven way that can have powerful effects on your body and mind, and probably could help you live longer. It is not a diet but rather a special kind of eating pattern, doesn’t matter what you eat, but rather focus on when you should eat them, and by which allowing your body to take a rest, reduce calorie intakes and eventually achieve your health goals.

Benefits of intermittent fasting
Weight loss and improve metabolism
Improve blood sugar control
Improve your sleeping quality
Improve brain health and function

Intermittent Fasting plans
:, :, :, :, :, :, :, :, :, :, : Daily Intermittent fasting plans
:, :, :, :, :, :, :, :, :, :
Weekly Intermittent fasting plans
:, :, : Weekly Intermittent fasting plans

Features in Intermittent Fasting Tracker App
• Fasting timer : Set a goal, start the timer and stay on track. App will help you stay on track with your fasting plans and reach your weight loss goals.
• Fasting tracker : App tracks the data about your weight, workout, sleep, water and mood to give you insights on how to stay body healthy.
• Body status: Track your weight, fasting body state, water intake with goal.
• Body results: Check your weight results with respect to intermittent fasting.

What’s New:
Bug fixes

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