Image & Video Date Fixer v1.70.6 [Premium]

Image & Video Date Fixer v1.70.6 [Premium]
Requirements: 9.0 and up
Overview: Fix your messed up gallery after moving files from another phone or storage.

Ever copied images from one phone to another, or from an external storage to your phone and ended up with a messed gallery?
This happens because the file modification dates of your images have now the date the images were copied at.

Here comes Image and Video Date Fixer to the rescue. It can read the creation date of images and files from its metadata and set that as file modification date.

In case your images do not contain EXIF Metadata, but contains the date in the filename itself, Image and Video Date Fixer can even parse filenames to extract the date and set it as EXIF date attribute.

The free version allows to process 100 files per batch.
If you want to process more files per batch you can buy the premium version via an in app purchase.

Due a bug in the Android Framework, fixing the file modification date will just work on Android 9 upwards. In some cases it might also work on Android 8 for some manufacturers.

What’s New: 
– 1.70.6
• Fixed parsing filename with UNIX Epoch not working
• Fixed negative numbers couldn’t be entered to apply time difference
• Fixed custom format help text not showing
• Fixed backup settings not working
• Fixed app jumping directly to the parse dates feature when files have no exif.
• Fixed an OutOfMemory exception caused by corrupted EXIF Metadata and a 
3rd party library

If you have any issues while using the app or have a suggestion for the app, just let me know via mail or via telegram.

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