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High School Days [v0.170]

High School Days

The game is an Adult DateSim/Visual Novel made by with Ren’Py, it follows the story of “Andy”, a young student who has to make the best of a family crisis.
Having to move with here grandmother while his parents sort things out, in this new city, he will be reunited with friendly faces and meet new people, some which will be friends, and other not so much.

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Thread Updated: 2024-07-09
Release Date: 2024-07-08
Developer: El Ciclo – Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: 0.170
: Android
Language: English, Spanish

New in version 0.17v
Once again our hero is presented with the opportunity to get closer to a forbidden love, but that means facing and solving serious problems. Likewise, Frida asks the MC to help a classmate with a “sensitive” problem.

New in 0.17v

  • New Event: The bigger the challenge.
  • New Event: Show me those moves.
  • Added two new clothing for Violet.
  • Added new clothing for Stella.
  • Added new clothing for Brianne.
  • Rebuild the Gym background.
  • Three new sex scenes.
  • Added 20 new images.
  • Added 15 new videos.

Fixed in 0.17v

  • Fixed Emma’s concert sometimes not starting.
  • Fixed visiting the beach store Friday night after the event.
  • Fixed Emma’s and Frida’s events being entangled.
  • Fixed Elizabeth’s or Ginger’s and Emma’s stories tangled.
  • Force start several events.
  • Remove items from the inventory which are not usable anymore.
  • Some galleries links were broken.
  • Some audios don’t work properly on some devices.
  • Remade the Dancing Mini game to be able to set a winning or loosing range.

Download for ANDROID

 t51yhmbf9kve  1q6i7gzhz1y0 9qs0t006pbr0 pqq8kefcihzi v9sh64ygk0uf kiflmh3l7rh1 hl4c7v1v0ah0   qwzudbjgv15v mh4hj13gowc3