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Hanzii: Dict to learn Chinese v5.2.5 [Unlocked]

Hanzii: Dict to learn Chinese v5.2.5 [Unlocked]
Requirements: 4.4 and up

Hanzii: Dict to learn Chinese v5.2.5 [Unlocked]

Hanzii is not just a Chinese dictionary. Hanzii is a comprehensive Chinese learning app for all levels, which helps you learn Chinese fast and communicate flexibly in every situation.

Just spend 30 minutes a day to unlock your Mandarin mastery with Hanzii: Remember Chinese characters HSK 1 – 6 fast, practice handwriting effortlessly, pronoun exactly as native speakers and apply Chinese grammar fluently.

Challenge yourself in the new world: career opportunities, scholarships, studying abroad in China, traveling or Chinese cultural richness.

No matter at which level you’re, Hanzii Dict will help you learn Chinese better.

Hanzii – All levels, One solution

• 3.2M+ Chinese vocabulary – Precise meanings, synonyms & antonyms
• 214 radical Chinese characters – Detailed analysis and illustration
• Exclusive AI-powered tool – Grammar mistakes correction
• OCR Engine – Handwriting, Picture & Voice recognition
• 200+ HSK, TOCFL & HSKK mock tests

What Hanzii Dict can do for you:

Say goodbye to Mandarin nightmare
• Learn Mandarin vocabulary: Simplified Characters, Traditional Characters, pinyin, synonyms and antonyms
• Analyze Radical Chinese characters of each word with vivid illustrations
• Practice writing Chinese characters with stroke-order animation.
• Check and correct your Chinese grammar mistakes quickly with an AI-powered tool

Translate English to Mandarin faster and more easily
• Translate English to Chinese Traditional and English to Chinese Simplified.
• Chinese handwriting, voice, and picture recognition with OCR technology

Memorize Mandarin Chinese vocabulary.
• Look up vocabulary from English to Chinese and create your own vocabulary notebooks.
• Learn available Mandarin to English notebooks divided into different levels and topics.
• Review daily with flashcards to memorize better.

Get your HSK aim effortlessly
• Take hundreds of HSK and TOCFL tests with a time counter.
• Check wrong answers and detailed explanations.
• Learn Chinese vocabulary HSK 1 – 6 level

Join Hanzii community
• Share your knowledge.
• Ask for help and advise about your Chinese learning.
• Make friends to learn Mandarin Chinese together.
• Laugh out loud at Chinese learning memes

With Hanzii Dict, Mandarin Chinese is not difficult any longer. We are always by your side on your path to fluency!

Besides, you can use the online version of Hanzii Chinese English Dictionary at
For any further information or clarification, please contact us via: [email protected].

What’s New:
– Added new event: Valentine’s Day.

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