Erosion [v0.3.4]

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Erosion Project
is an Adventure 2D Adult Fantasy RPG combined with Card Game – Strategic elements, which will challenge the player to find the right cards and the right strategy to effectively defeat the enemies before the battle starts.

Seems like… the devil gets you transported in another world, and you have to “moderate” the previous almighty Heroes from creating an imbalance in the world; all these while you’re just a random commoner who happens to be able to increase his… lewd powers?

These powers sound awesome but how will these help you in an unknown world?

Hm? You think you will find a way?
Are you sure about that? What are you gonna do? Ask for help?
Or will you try to get stronger?

Looks like you already have a better idea…

Thread Updated: 2022-09-23
Release Date: 2022-09-23
Developer: TrashGods Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.4
OS: Window, Android
Language: English

[NEW][STORY] Chapter 1.7 has been added and is now playable
[NEW][STORY] Chapter 1.8 has been added and is now playable
[NEW][MISC] In-game Mail System added
[NEW][MISC] Added a maximum limit of rewards obtainable from Difficulty Selector (limit resets every certain amount of days)
[STORY] The new chapters have been added to Story Journal
[STAGES] New quests have been added for the Area 1
[MISC] The materials for Hedera have been updated accordingly to the new stages from the Area 1
[MISC] Added new background music for certain stages in Area 1
[STAGES] Removed the Reinforcements button and UI from stage selectors
[MISC] Added new icons for various items added in the previous patch
[FIX] Issue where the stages of Area 1 previewed wrong materials in the Preview Panel and prompt window
[FIX] Blocker issue during the tutorial due to card costs
[FIX] Optimized the energy consumption during the tutorial
[FIX] Added a small link preview in the Survey Panel for the players unable to access the survey in-game
[FIX] Disabled the live banner preview from Start Menu on mobile devices in order to avoid improper data fetching


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