Epsilon Notes: Markdown Editor v2.31[1] [Premium]

Epsilon Notes: Markdown Editor v2.31[1] [Premium]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Epsilon Notes is an editor for writing texts with Markdown-compatible CommonMark tags

One of the major advantages of this app is that only you control where to store your notes. This facilitates note management backup etc.

Epsilon Notes allows:
☆ Processing text files with several markdown extensions.
☆ Writing texts math formulas and even music notes.
☆ ing writing markdown and generating html.
☆ Manipulating files with additional functions such as “rename” “delete” (by making a long touch on a file name)

In the Edit mode the characters frequently used in Markdown are available on the customizable toolbar above the soft keyboard.

The app also offers reliable AES-encryption of notes locked with a password if upgraded to Premium.

You can also provide individual note customization using YAML declarations.

Your text will look like a web page with side panels for with local and global favorite links

You can also use of html tags directly in the text for example to change the text color.

Epsilon Notes also allows advanced users to create their own Markdown tags and tweak the existing ones using a component called compatibility pre-processing which makes this editor compatible with any other markdown processor.

Epsilon Notes Users

Epsilon Notes is a universal application allowing to wiki-link files using markdown links to other documents. It will effectively address your writing needs especially if you are
• a story writer. The program will help you to organize your long story in chapters and plan the story plot.
• a blogger. It will help you to write blog content using Commonmark and HTML.
• a scientist. It provides tools to write formulas and print articles in pdf. It also provides customizable toolbars to store your frequently used formulas.
• a musician or a poet. It offers styling your text inclusion of fonts and music notes.
• a diary writer. You can write your diary with your thoughts organized using links between Commonmark files and photos. You can encrypt your secrets using Advanced Encryption algorithm. It never uploads anything without your explicit consent.
• a web-site developer. It creates html content that you can interlink and upload to you site. It supports tables and markups. You can customize your content using Javascript JQuery CSS and provides code snippets for your website.
• a database lover. It offers interlinking articles advanced menu creation for instant navigation through index search and recent files screens.
• a journalist. It allows organizing articles in different folders. Importing articles and web links from internet. Generating great-looking pdf documents with photos colors customized styles.

In short if you ever have text writing and formatting needs with files kept offline in a time-proof and application-independent simple text format Epsilon Notes is for you.

Modded by LunaDev

What’s New:
Latest Improvements:
2020-10-27 – Boom!!!
Some yucky squashed!

+ FA Dialog
+ Outcommenting YAMLs
+ Image attributes
+ Sortable tables
+ Copy-to-Clipboard Html tag
+ Hashtags right in #markdown text
+ Accordion
+ ToDo
+ Mermaid
+ Font Awesome
+ Transclusion
+ Syntax highlight (Premium)

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