Dungeons and Depravity [v0.1.2] (18+)

Dungeons and Depravity is a top-down animated 2d roguelike action rpg with turn-based lewd combat.‚Äč

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Thread Updated: 2020-10-11
Release Date: 2020-09-11
Developer: ChibaiGames
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.2
OS: Windows
Language: English

Version 0.1.1 –> Version 0.1.2
– Added Saving and Loading of Hotbar (old saves may no longer work but idk you can still try it)
– Added Dungeon Reset Button. Can be found in the save, load and settings menus. Use this when a dungeon floor is failing to spawn boss rooms or any other runtime bugs that break the dungeon.
– Added Internal view camera. Can also be enabled in preferences. This feature is experimental and is not yet implemented for the animations.
– Added Item Type to item descriptions.
– Fixed bug where boss rooms were not spawning at all in certain seeds. Seeds should be the same as they were last version but loading an old save may still result in the room not being a boss room. Some seeds may still be broken so let me know which ones!
– Fixed inventory UI causing items to disappear either from drag and drop or the middle menu.
– Fixed bug where the hole in the floor caused saves to be corrupted.
– Fixed Customizer UI where you can only cycle to the right for the races. Can cycle both ways now.
– Fixed Beholder Displace action occuring when the player has no panties or skirt.
– Fixed Resist action such that on success when used if the player is in intercourse, the enemy will stop and while not in intercourse, the enemy’s turn is voided.
– Clicking on an empty slot crashes the game.
– Resetting the dungeon causes camera bug.
– Fixed beholders pushing the player upwards rather than grabbing the player when out of mana. (Beholders have an extended grab radius now, be careful geting close!)
– Fixed beholders dying right before grabbing and causing the player to be stuck in lewd combat with no escape
– Fixed UI bug where options are misaligned

Known Bugs that I could not reproduce/didn’t get to look at yet/haven’t found a fix for:
– More than one boss room spawning?
– Chests spawning far into the walls.
– Pausing the game sorta feels like cheating with the enemies wasting their envy mana on projectiles that disappear/stop moving on pause.
– You cannot unbind a hotbar slot from the inventory slot/powerslot even if the slot becomes empty or a non-usable item. You can only replace it with another slot. This is true even when loading a save.