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Dr. Kegel: For Men’s Health v1.11.0 [Premium]

Dr. Kegel: For Men’s Health v1.11.0 [Premium]
Requirements: 6.0+
Overview: Improve men’s health in 5 min/day. Feel confident & happy with the most downloaded sexual wellness app in the World. Install Dr. Kegel & see the result!

Dr. Kegel: For Men’s Health v1.11.0 [Premium]

The Dr. Kegel app provides men with exceptional features that form a comprehensive solution for improving sexual & overall health.

KEGEL TRAINING PLAN – The core feature to improve men’s health

Kegel Training provides a step-by-step plan for strengthening Pelvic Floor (PF) muscles.

PF Muscles are located in the perineum area and are directly related to the control of male functions. Just like any other muscle in the human body, PF muscles weaken and lose tone without training. This can lead to similar problems as ED, PE & other male diseases.

But just like you can build up your biceps with workouts, you can strengthen PF muscles with Kegel Training & improve men’s health.

Kegels aka Pelvic Floor exercises are equally effective for men who feel well, as well as for those with health problems. This is confirmed by the latest studies in which 75.5% [1] of men with ED & 82.5% [2] of men with PE achieved improvements.

Kegel Training can help you achieve impressive results. Because according to the latest user survey, up to 84% of users reported improvements.

It’s SUPER EASY to work out with Kegel Training

The workouts take just 5 minutes a day;
Simply follow clear & intuitive instructions to contract PF muscles to the rhythm of your phone’s vibration;
You can work out in any place, position & situation. Nobody can notice;
No extra equipment is needed;

The difficulty automatically adjusts to you.

INSIGHTS LIBRARY – Discover the latest scientific facts about Men’s Health, Relationships, Nutrition & more

Get verified and straightforward answers to the most popular topics made into 2-minute stories with juicy illustrations. Incorporate valuable tips from Insights into your daily life to improve its quality, and be more productive and mindful.


So install Dr. Kegel now – it can be your best decision this year!

What’s New:
Thanks for using Dr. Kegel App! This update includes bug fix. As alway, if you have any issues or great ideas, please let us know at [email protected] Yours sincerely, Dr. Kegel Teams

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