Days After Mod APK v9.6.1 (Free craft)

Days After Mod APK v9.6.1 (Free craft)

Days After: Survival games Apk info

Days After Mod APK Game is a third-person survival game where you can control one of the few survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Your adventure starts out in a desolate wasteland, where you first have to create a hut to live in. Little by little you’ll have to face more ambitious objectives.

The control system for Days After is typical for the genre. In the left-hand side of the screen you get a virtual stick for movement and to the right you’ve got your buttons for interacting with objects and attacking. Tapping the backpack icon gives you easy access to your inventory.

One of the most important aspects of Days After is collecting resources and using them to craft weapons. In the beginning, you have to collect a lot of wood, stone, and hemp to make bonfires, axes, hammers and so forth. Later on, you’ll need more advanced materials in order to create more firearms and modern tools.

Build your house and have your base of operations in the starting area. If your character dies, they regenerate here. The world of Days After is massive and full of secrets. You get over thirty unique locations in total, all with mysteries waiting to be discovered.

Days After Mod APK is an excellent survival roleplaying game with awesome graphics. It has dozens of locations and objects, an impressive crafting system and a big variety of enemies.

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– Quests tracking is implemented: tracking and following current aims is easier now.
– Car upgrade: fuel consumption is reduced, and more space is added. Place extra rooftop racks to take more loot.
– Meeting place upgrade: hire companions more effectively and cheaper with each upgrade level.
– Austins mastered new behavior: pay attention to that when you meet them again.
– New craftable weapons: essential things in post-apocalypse.
– Balance and game experience improvements, bug fixes.

MOD Info

menu mod
free craft
fast travel
*Turn off mod if have problem when move item.

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