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Chess Dojo v0.98.0 [Unlocked]

Chess Dojo v0.98.0 [Unlocked]
Requirements: 4.4 and up
Overview: ● Improve your chess proficiency by playing against human-like chess personalities.


● Chess Dojo adapts to your playing strength automatically.
● No internet connection is required to play chess.
● Review your game or share it with other chess apps (for example PGN Master) for further analysis.

Take your chess game to the next level and train with Chess Dojo!

● Many different personalities: You can play against over different human-like chess personalities, each with their own opening book.
● Takeback support: If you make a mistake, you can withdraw your move and play another one.
● Chess support: Play one of the starting positions of Chess (also known as Fischer random chess).
● Automatic blunder check: After the end of the game you can review your game, which is already checked for errors by a powerful chess engine.
● E-Board support: Play offline against chess personalities with E-Boards connected via Bluetooth using the ChessLink protocol (Millennium eOne, Exclusive, Performance), Certabo E-Boards, Chessnut Air, Chessnut EVO, DGT classic, DGT Pegasus or the Square Off Pro.

What’s New:
● iChessOne support
● Certabo BLE support

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