CCSWE App Manager (SAMSUNG) v6.2.0 Patched [Full]


CCSWE App Manager (SAMSUNG) v6.2.0 Patched [Full]
Requirements: 5.0 and up Samsung Phone
Overview: CCSWE App Manager was designed for users who want disable applications and packages to improve performance.

It also allows you to hide icons for applications they do not use without uninstalling the entire application. You can also hide icons for stock system applications which will allow you to continue to receive system updates while saving space in your application drawer.

★★ NOTE: You must have a stock Samsung device in order to use CCSWE App Manager (SAMSUNG) ★★

Contact [email protected] if you have any issues. We are more than happy to offer any help we can but cannot do anything if you simply give us a low rating instead of contacting us.

★★ Features ★★

★ Clear data for any application
★ Disable services and receivers
★ Export and import package lists
★ Hide (disable) application icons without uninstalling the application
★ Home screen widget
★ Favorites list
★ Freeze (disable) applications
★ Password protection
★ Uninstall applications

★★ Frequently asked questions ★★

★ Why does CCSWE App Manager (SAMSUNG) require device admin privileges?

Unfortunately the Android security model does not make it possible for one application to enable/disable components for another application. This makes sense for standard applications because you wouldn’t want a competing application to be able to disable yours. That is why CCSWE App Manager requires device admin privileges in order to achieve this.

What’s New:
*Added a check for conflicting applications;
*Added ‘System’ to available themes;
*Improved tablet layouts;
*Worked around Samsung again…

Info Full:
CCSWE App Manager (SAMSUNG) has stopped working, this instruction is skipped and changed
license from another application.
The app works and it’s fine, you just need to do a little work!

1.Download Splashtop Add-on: Samsung (Knox)- from Play Store-
-Give all permissions and admin rights.

2.Activate the Secure Folder (Settings / Biometrics and security / Secure Folder);

3.Activate installed application into it (Splashtop Add-on), provide admin rights, exit the Secure Folder;

4.Remove the installed application (Splashtop Add-on);

5.Delete the Secure Folder (Secure Folder / three dots at the top, on the right / Settings /
Advanced settings / Delete / Delete.)

6.Install and run CCSWE App Manager 6.2.0
– Allow permissions.

It should all work..

Tested on s10 / s20 / s21 – Android 11
Tests successful!!!

Changed application icon
Renaming the APK package

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More Info:

Download Instructions: credit cenzo


Add-On Samsung (Knox)::


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