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Cake recipes v11.16.433 [Premium]

Cake recipes v11.16.433 [Premium]
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Homemade cake: Get baking and pastry recipes, pie recipes, and desserts.


Our latest collection includes Cheese, Dump and Coffee cakes.

The cake recipes app is a unique cookbook collection of tasty cakes. You can find out simple and popular meals in our app. It includes cake recipes for all celebrations like Christmas, Easter, and many more. It’s free to use and available offline for all cake lovers.

There are different methods to make a cake. It is determined by fat and the final look of your cakes. For baking you can try creaming, all in one, or a melting method. In cake mixing combine all dry ingredients with fluid items.

Easy to make recipes
The common ingredients included in cake making are egg, flour, and dairy. These are the items that are always available at every home. Don’t worry our app also has a search by ingredient feature. You can search for recipes with ingredients available at your home.

Our app also includes recipes based on level of difficulty, oven-baked, and type of ingredients used. The filters will help you to plan and make delicious cakes in less time.

Factors affecting your cooking
Choose the tin that fits your cake making. Always don’t forget to preheat the oven, it affects cake rising levels. Use exact measurements required for the recipe. Keep your ingredients at room temperature to get a good quality delicious cake batter. Try to do gentle whisking of flour to avoid lumps.

Find step by step tutorials
Our app includes delicious cake recipes with step-by-step video lessons. Video tutorials along with recipes give you a visual treat and a clear image. Video steps help you find out the exact ingredients used to make delicious cakes. Perfect cooking tips and tricks with blogs and videos are also available to make you more interested.

Choose your favorite
A birthday celebration without a cake makes incomplete. According to Roman culture, delicious cakes were served at the wedding, birthdays as a gesture. A Christmas season without a cake is also unimaginable.

Try out delicious cream chocolates, red velvet, and sponge cakes for your holidays and occasions like Christmas, spring seasons. Also, try our Cookbook of easy cakes made with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. You can also find other delicious cup and mug cake recipes.

Make your holiday unforgettable.
Festivals and holidays are an occasion for friends and family gatherings. Sweets make your holidays more colorful. A holiday without bites of sweets makes our day incomplete. So we can make it memorable by making delicious cakes.

Find healthy cake recipes
Even though we are on a diet, it is common to feel cravings for sweet foods like cakes. Our app includes super easy and delicious healthy vegetarian cake recipes. At a moment we think is it possible to make a healthy cake? Yes, it is possible. You can add little changes like replace your sugar, oil, butter with applesauce. Replace your all-purpose flour with whole wheat and topping cakes with fruits instead of sugar is also a healthy option.

We also have specially designed categories for people following special diets and a vegan lifestyle. The nutrient info along with each recipe is also helpful for people following special diets. We also have a meal planner to support all diets like keto, low carb, plant-based, etc. Our shopping list planner will also help you to organize your meals easily.

Learn cooking and find the joy of baking your favorite foods.

Wear OS Support
Access your favorite recipes, search for new recipes and even shop offline using your Wear OS supported smartwatch.

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