Bad Piggies HD Mod APK v2.4.3250 (Unlimited Coins)

Bad Piggies HD Mod APK v2.4.3250 (Unlimited Coins)

Bad Piggies HD APK Review

Bad Piggies HD Mod APK Game is a game that combines puzzles and platforms, where you control the enemies from the Angry Birds series, the evil pigs, who this time become the stars of the adventure.

The objective of the game is to build a device out of the objects provided at the start of each level that will allow the pigs to reach different positions on the map. With these objects, and a little imagination, you can build cars, airplanes and many more crazy vehicles

Once you have built your mean of transportation from the thirty plus objects at your disposal, it’s time to get in the driving seat, something that generally doesn’t go to plan and ends up with the vehicle being destroyed and the pigs flying all over the place.

The game has sixty different levels in which you must use all your ingenuity and skill to complete the many tasks you are given. Also, once you get three stars on each of them, another thirty levels will be unlocked.

As if all this were not enough, once you have completed all the missions, and collected all the skulls, you can access the ‘sandbox’ mode which basically allows you to do whatever you want without having any set objectives.

Bad Piggies HD Mod APK is an outstanding title which, among other things, is far more engaging than its sister title Angry Birds, as to get the most out of Bad Piggies HD, you need to think about your every move in a far more in-depth way.

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Made some minor fixes, but only you can stop these pigs from crashing.

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Unlimited Money: You’ll have unlimited Snout Count to use.

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