Anti Theft Alarm – Do Not Touch My Phone App 2020 v1.13 [Pro]

Anti Theft Alarm – Do Not Touch My Phone App 2020 v1.13 [Pro]
Requirements: 6.0 and up
Overview: Gets worried about your cell phone safety while sleeping and travelling and especially in bustling markets or crowdy areas

Anti-theft alarm is a mobile security app. It takes care of your mobile phone security by giving it voice to secure itself from all the dangers that prevails outside your hands. As long as your mobile phone is in your hands its safe but soon you leave your mobile phone even for charging it’s outside of safe zone. Anyone can operate your mobile phone when it’s on charging especially when they know your password. Anti theft alarm utilizes a special do not touch my phone pocket sensor (proximity sensor) to detect and inform the owner when his/her cell phone is touched by someone else. Don’t touch my phone alarm keeps your cell phone especially safe from pickpockets when you are out there in some crowdy areas. 
Another big problem mobile phone users’ complaint about is their battery drainage which usually causes due to overtime charging of cell phone. To solve this problem Anti-Theft alarm has a battery full alarm or full battery alarm feature to remind you about your cellphone on charging while giving you an indicator that it’s time to unplug your phone! 
Anti-Theft Alarm: Don’t touch my phone app is a foolproof security app for mobile phones. It trains every cell phone to react immediately with motion sensor alarm if they are moved by someone else. Hence if you are going for some work and left no one to take care of your accessories don’t worry your cellphone will better take care of itself and everything around because our phone security app has a special noise detector feature too. Yes with noise detector feature you can catch any thief like a real thief catcher. 
Our anti theft alarm mobile security app is basically motion sensor app with phone security alarm. The main features of our don’t touch my phone app are:
Key Features:
 Full battery charge alarm upon the complete charging of cell phone
 A special don’t touch my mobile pocket sensor to keep your mobile safe from pickpockets
 Phone anti theft motion sensor to protect your phone from any unusual lifting or suspicious activity
 Noise detector to protect you and your from thief
 Anti theft lock to secure your various apps and private messages even from spouse
So don’t touch phone if you see it somewhere alone especially after 2020 maybe it has Anti-Theft Alarm: Don’t touch my phone app. Yes it’s a message for all those who like to use others cell phone in their absence.  A very serious call indeed and if you are the victim whose mobile phone is either steeled or use continuously without your permission and you are looking desperately for some effective anti theft app or anti theft alarm app. Then download Anti-Theft Alarm: Don’t touch my phone app and enjoy worry free indoors and outdoors life. Wait don’t forget t rate and review us. Thank you. Have a worry-free life!

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