AmiHear – Hearing Aid App v2.7 [Premium]

AmiHear – Hearing Aid App v2.7 [Premium]
Requirements: 7.0+
Overview: AmiHear is a super hearing assistance tool. It is more than a hearing amplifier. It provides useful tools, such as advanced noise reduction, automatic gain control (AGC) to help you hear clearly.

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Sound Amplifier with Recorder, Advanced Noise Reduction, Hearing Amplifier.

AmiHear is a super hearing assistance tool. It is more than a hearing amplifier. It provides useful tools, such as advanced noise reduction, automatic gain control (AGC) to help you hear clearly.

Do you want to record while listening? AmiHear can record while amplifying sound. All the recordings are store locally on your phone, not in the cloud. We don’t listen to your conversation.

AmiHear provides a self-fit built-in hearing test. Based on the hearing test result, AmiHear will automatically adjust audio to compensate for your hearing loss of each ear separately.

AmiHear Improves comprehension of conversation by slowing down the speed while playing the recording.

Clarity of sound is most important to people with hearing loss. AmiHear provides advanced noise reduction to make you hear clearer with better intelligibility.

By using two controls, you can set the volume and sound clarity to your liking. Using volume slider turns up the sounds around you so you can hear better, while the treble/bass slider let you adjust the tone so voices and sounds are clearer.

Today we use our headphones more than ever, at home, walking outside, watch TV. For these applications, we created “Modes” with predefined settings, i.e. indoor, outdoor and TV modes, to suit different moments of your day.

If you have tinnitus and would like to filter specific frequency, you can use the 16-band equalizer in AmiHear to create an audible notch in the sound spectrum. In other words, using 16-band equalizer to slightly alters the sound. Your sense of hearing is able to quickly adapt to this modified input to get tinnitus relief.

Features with AmiHear audio processing (Free):
1. Boost volume: powerful and controllable hearing amplifier
2.Treble /Bass: control sound clarity to your liking.
3. Self-administered hearing test to create your own hearing profile.
4. Multiple hearing profiles can be saved.
5. Automatic audio quality customization based on your hearing profile.
6. 3-band EQ: Adjust treble, middle and bass tones to your preference in real time.
7. Balance control with wired headphones. Select the left and right ear with different volume and different treble/bass.
8. Support Bluetooth headphones.

Premium features with professional audio processing (Subscriber):
1. Patented noise reduction algorithm: eliminates background noise, increases speech intelligibility.
2. Unlimited Recording during live talk with amplification.
3. Volume limiter: Sound amplification is good for understanding. However protect your hearing is also very important. AmiHear automatically caps the volume to protect your hearing.
4. 16-band EQ: apply professional designed equalizer to your hearing preference in real time.
5. Choose your mic: Choose external mic or your phone’s built-in mic or
6. Auto comfort (AGC): special algorithm to let the soft voice be heard and the extreme loud voice not harsh.
7. Export and share your recordings with your friend.
8. Playback your recordings with your controlled speed.
9. Hearing assistant in three modes: Indoor, Outdoor and TV mode.
10. Wind noise removal in Outdoor Mode.

★★★ MOD by Alex.Strannik ★★★

● PREMIUM Unlocked
● Removed analytics
● Optimized resources
➡ Languages: ‘en’ ‘de’ ‘es’ ‘es-US’ ‘fr’ ‘fr-CA’ ‘ja’ ‘zh’ ‘zh-CN’ ‘zh-HK’ ‘zh-TW’
➡ Architectures: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a

What’s New:
1. Add French translation to Amihear
2. Improve functionality and stability.

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Download Instructions: … d.apk.html


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