Alcohol Calculator

Alcohol Calculator v. 67
Requirements: Android 4.4
Overview: Calculation of the dilution proportions of alcohol and water.

You need to dilute the alcohol? You do not know how to calculate the proportions of water and alcohol?

Use the Alco calculator to determine the required amount of water. The program has a few calculations. Simply enter the fortress of the starting alcohol in a percentage (e.g., 98), the amount of the starting alcohol and the desired strength of alcohol to be obtained in total (for example, 40 – this corresponds to the strength of vodka, or 70, this corresponds to fort an alcohol-containing solution required for the preparation of some sort of fruit liqueurs). There is no need to press the calculation (it is not!), Maybe the calculation is done automatically when you change any given initial parameters. Download the program to your tablet or smartphone, and it will always be at hand. There is no need to go online and look for online calculator.

1) Calculation of the content of alcohol in volume when diluted with water (diluted alcohol-containing solution with water to the desired alcohol content in volume)

2) The calculation of the volume of alcohol when mixed alcohol-containing solutions (Calculation of the final alcohol content in volume when mixing alcohol solutions of different alcohol content and different volume of liquid)

3) Calculation based on the alcohol content of the final volume (Knowing the volume of the solution of alcohol that you want to receive, count the number of alcohol-containing solution, and water)

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