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A.I.D.A [v0.501]

This character is based on a certain robot from a certain video game. It is kind of obvious, yes?
Here some basics of the game;
The game is gonna be an RPG with an original story, where you take control of A.I.D.A., an android/robutt built up by an escaped scientist from a mean group of tech-hoarding crazies. He ran away from this group, because they couldn’t understand his fascination for robots, giving them tits and whatnot. This mean group captures the scientist, but a freak radioactive thunderstorm in the area wakes A.I.D.A. up, powering up her battery. Here starts her adventure in the wild, radioactive wasteland, filled with dangers unimaginable. It’s the year 2295 and the world is still recovering from the nuclear war, over 200 years ago. What can a single android do in this god-forsaken world? Let’s find out!

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Thread Updated: 2024-04-09
Release Date: 2024-04-07
Developer: Zem Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.501
OS: Android
Language: English

A.I.D.A. 0.501 Changelog:
Side Quest:

  • One Man’s Treasure (TECH Abandoned Maintenance Tunnels) Find 2 saucalicious pics!

Main Quest:

  • Saving Dr. Jiggleton!

Talk to Amber to get started!

(Amber will contact you in one of the fast travel locations.)

There are two possible routes you can approach TECH Headquarters!

New Areas:

  • TECH Powerplant + TECH Headquarters
  • Abandoned TECH shack + TECH Tunnels+Tech HQ

New Enemies:

  • Futa Ghoul (TECH tunnels, TECH HQ)
  • TECH Hover 1 & 2 (TECH HQ)
  • TECH Bunker Buster (Powerplant Route BOSS)
  • DATA (Shack Route Boss)

New Lewd Scenes:

  • Aida TECH Tentacle (Animated)
  • Roxanne TECH Machine (Animated)
  • Aida & Futa Ghoul Standing (Animated)
  • Aida & TECH Hover Stuffing (Animated)


  • Added an introduction quest for Roxanne/Rockclaws in Armageddon City – Downtown North
  • Roxanne learns a new skill called “Havoc Stomp” at level 30.
  • Increased the Damage of Fling Debris (Roxanne)
  • Aida learns a new passive called Critical System Protection at level 30.

Download for ANDROID