Aris – Terminal Launcher v1.3.36 (Premium) APK

Use you phone like a hacker with commands
Title: Aris – Terminal Launcher
Genre: Productivity
Developer: Aris Open Universe

It’s year 2018 and I can’t believe you’re still sliding and clicking icons. Use Aris Launcher and be more like people from future. Use your Android like a hacker and explore awesome terminal & futuristic themes!

In Aris Launcher, everything is connective. You can connect items and let the magic happen. For instance, you can share your apps, contacts with a friend in WhatsApp or phone book with only one step! It goes simply like this: jenn->eric

Build-in commands
{app}->uninstall: to uninstall an app
{app}->info: to launch app’s detail page
{app/contact}->disable: to disable an app/contact from being searched
cd: to search files/folders
clipboard: to get text in clipboard
restart: to restart Aris
clear: to clear the console
enable: to re-enable disabled apps/contact
config: to configurate Aris
store: to explore more plugins/themes/wallpaper etc.


Aris Features

You can either write scripts based on HTTP request under develop mode, or write plugins with aris open project.

Instant Run
By configuring Instant Run you can do Google search etc right in the console.

Seamless Share
Share apps, contacts, files and so on with your friends with one step

Efficient Task Flow
Finish a complicated task with one simple command

Plugins Store
Get powerful plugins in Aris Store to make you more efficient

You can customize your Aris Launcher by setting wallpaper, text color/size/font, keyboard, even applying icon pack!

Display all notifications directly in the console.



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