Cartoon Craft v2.19 (Paid) APK

Orcs vs Human? But wait! There are zombies! Who’s the enemy?
Title: Cartoon Craft
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Studio NAP

Orcs and Humans are facing the huge battle. But wait! Someone weird is coming. Then every orc and human turns into ZOMBIES!

What’s happening? Come get here and save the day!

This is a real-time strategy game.
The most adorable RTS on mobile(Probably).

How to
– On start there are 4 workers on your side
– Make them gather gold from mine and lumber from trees
– Build a farm and barracks
– Train swordsman from barracks
– Make your force search the map and smash the enemies


Gameplay / Trailer


– Time reduced for Trees
– Video Store is open
– You can attack Ranker
– Lumber mill is added to Battle mode
– Orc chapter is finally here!
– Goblin Bomb damage down
– Visiting attack removed
– Episode 11 bug fixed
– Map drag area extended
– Battle mode is BETA OPEN!
– Helicopter has finally got the attack skill!
– Worker learnt how to not get stuck when carrying lumbers
– Network data reset button added
– Drag button added
– UI/UX improved
– New server is here!
– Building cancel button added