Complex calculator & Solve for x ti-36 ti-84 v3.9.9 [Final] (Premium) APK

Simulator for texas & instruments scientific calculator, Complex number calculus
Title: Complex calculator & Solve for x ti-36 ti-84 Plus
Genre: Education
Developer: LisyThien

There are some main features of the calculator:

◉ Math natural display
See math expressions, symbols and stacked fractions exactly the way they appear in textbooks.

◉ Photo calculator – Scan Math Problems and Solve by Camera
Photo calculator is the most creative feature of this calculator. This feature solves problem by taking photo, inputs quickly to solve math with your camera. Unlike the other calculator, this calculator help you solve math problem quickly by taking a picture and then you can get the solutions at once.

◉ Scientific calculator
Instant math result from basic arithmetic, trigonometric to calculus. Easily solve equation, polynomial and system of linear equations, solve for x calculator. Determine the derivative and integral for real function. Perform vectors and matrices using a vector and matrix entry window. Scientific notation output, smart calculator. Explore fraction simplification, integer division and constant operators. Degrees/radians/grads, Polar/rectangular, DMS/degrees. Fraction/decimal/Mixed fraction/Repeated decimal. Factor integer into prime, prime factor. Div mod calculation, square root, sqrt, cube root and nth root. Polar coordinates, convert polar coordinates to rectangle. BASE-N decimal, octal, hexadecimal and binary calculator. Logarithm base n and natural logarithm. Trigonometric and hyperbolic function. Convert decimal to fraction. Scientific constants. Unit conversation. Determine the limit of function. Combination, binomial and permutation, LCM, GCD, Greatest common divisor, latest common multiply. Statistical and regression. Round number, random integer, random real, random number.

◉ Calculation formulas
Contains Math formulas and Physics formulas, very efficient for students in high school or university.

◉ Unit conversion
A large collection of unit conversion, include real time currency converter and a lot of units such as time, length, area, …

◉ Programming – the programmable calculator
Mathematica language is also supported by this programming calculator

◉ Graphing – simulates for graphing calculator ti 83 and ti 84
This calculator can draw simultaneously graph, this is the best way to visual functions

◉ Real simulator: calculator layout same as calculator 570 es plus and 991 fx es plus
Elegant design: calculator has a lot of themes, fonts and sound effects. It also supports most of features of ti 30XS Scientific Calculator, ti 34 Scientific Calculator, ti 36X Pro Scientific Calculator, ti 30Xa Scientific Calculator, texas & instruments calculator ti30, ti 84 plus , ti 83 Plus, ti Nspire, ti 89. Wabbit calculator & wabbitemu calculator, grafncalc83 graphncalc83. Simulator for 991 es plus


Gameplay / Trailer


# 3.9.4-beta
– Improved calculate integral, sum and product
– Updated function documents
– Fixed some bugs